Dear Stay At Home Mom: You Are Not Forgotten

I champion the working mom.  I champion the single mom.  I honestly don’t think I would do well at either.

God truly gives us the strength where and when we need it.  I have seen this in the mama’s I come into contact with every day.

Sometimes, the motherhood that quietly watches on as the children of this generation are growing up at their breast, and their lunch table, rocked for each nap, and covered in glitter and glue at the end of each day are not heralded or noticed.

Often, those moms don’t want to be fussed over or noticed, because it has become taboo in this modern day age to draw attention to something of value or rare.


And you are rare.  Did you know that?

A priceless gem that has sacrificed time, an extra income and has been given the choice to stay at home.

I know this is the desire of many, but not an option for all.

When you would rather be any other place, and your heart is calling for a cup of coffee and a good chat with an adult.

For the tears that you cry when you are lonely.

The words that you pen in your journal when the little ears you whisper to each day would not understand.

And the moments of envy when you just wish, even for a little bit, that you could escape and breathe long, deep breaths.

You may feel desperate, alone, unnoticed and challenged. Every single day.

But, I see you and I champion you.

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IMG_6651 (2)


Your hours of reading stories and wiping noses.  Not forgotten.  Not unnoticed.

The spills, clean ups and creative snacks and crafts you plan into a day.  Noticed and appreciated.

The hot water on your hands as you wash, they rinse, and you re-rinse.  An investment.

Character lessons, Bible reading and praying over them while they sleep.  Noticed.  Eternal.

Lunch dates at the toddler table where your legs do not fit underneath.  Spilled coffee, minus the fancy creamer and to go cup. Memories.

Groceries with kids in tow, and managing coupons, a budget and sippy cups.  Patience.  I see it in you.

Children tugging, pulling and whining, while you work to smile through the lack of any quiet in a day.

Long hours of tea parties, building forts , raking leaves and playing dress up.

And the most unforgettable:

Feeling stuck

The difference in the peace filled, calm mother when things are crazy and never ending – you have chosen to EMBRACE this calling.  This season.

Raising Generations Today . You can embrace this with everything God gave you and it is beautiful!

And I see you, cheer you on to not become weary in the well doing.  Never thinking that no one sees you, or appreciates you.

Your investment will have a return. All for the right reasons.

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