Celebrate With Me! (for a few days!)

Good gracious. There certainly is a lot to writing a post to celebrate your own life, when you are smack dab in the middle of living it.

This year, this moment….

I am celebrating the 12 year old who has been talking to me non-stop as he dribbles his basketball, flies up and down the driveway on his skateboard, asking me if he could be could be a star-athlete…while moving and moving and talking. His words continued to roll and flow and ask and persist until I almost (well, I DID) feel annoyed that I wasn’t able to write these words. These words about celebrating life.

Life. 47 years of ABUNDANT life.

I am celebrating the strong health I feel today, while in another season of severe anemia and days of hibernating, resting and gaining strength.  Even when this means our days are stuck at home and dinner looks like pancakes. Celebrating life.

I am celebrating my builder and his long hours of work and time away. Because, work is sustainability when you have your own business and work is life around here. Celebrating provision.

I am celebrating everything that is hard and beautiful. Because they are two in the same.

Will you celebrate this with me?

The finding the rough and broken moments and piecing them together, to see the whole and the beautiful?

For the next four days, leading up to my birthday, (and let’s not pretend that everyone doesn’t know my birthday is in September,)..

I am asking you to count your blessings and share them with others.

Really count. Really share. For four days.

And to top it all off, as you leave your comments here to celebrate with me, I am sending some love to those that could really use some hope and help right now!

Take a peek. Join the fun. And spread the happiness!

Hey, it’s my birthday. Eat cake!

From September 20th – 24th:

So, leave your comments. Your blessings, your rough and how you have discovered to celebrate in the middle of it all.

Grab your THRIVE Conference Ticket and let us know. Goodies will be coming your way!


Go visit the Morning Star Foundation and send some love. Buy your Conference Ticket and help US send them some more love!

Share this post and celebrate with me!




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