How To Take The Safe Steps When You’re Walking A Tightrope

I’ve been told that you can only hear the hollow echo of your own breath, see the tunnel of sight in front of you and think about one thing when your stranded mid air on a tightrope.  Just getting to the other side.

One step in front of the other.  But each step has to be safe, or everything is lost and the purpose of your goal was missed.

walk 6

Hiding under a blanket of stress was not an option for me. Pushing my feet past the warmth of my blankets to the cool floor was the biggest attempt I could muster before realizing that the day before me was like one long tightrope.

It is silly to think that life can overtake us like this.

It shouldn’t.

I know the facts. The truth.  I know WHO is in control and WHO holds my future.

walk 2

But as long as the day seemed before me, the harder my fists would become clenched with the magnitude of having to walk the fine line of getting everything done and making it to the other side.

I’ve crossed many valleys before.  Some in a day and some in years. The walk wasn’t always the same. Sometimes it was despair, sometimes, fear.  And many times, I would get to the other side and realize that the walk was shorter than it seemed before I took that first step.

No one ever said it was going to be easy.  If it was easy, we would run across and miss the purpose.  We would never look back.

The hardest part we all have trouble figuring out?

How do we KEEP living everything else, when all we can hear is the hollow echo of our own breath, see the tunnel in front of us and think about one thing only. Getting to the other side.

walk 5

There has to be a way. Otherwise, everything is lost and HIS purpose has been missed.

Some walks are scarier, harder and higher than others.  But, that doesn’t lessen the purpose of making each step matter.

Every step matters, because YOU matter.

When you are afraid to keep walking.  Paralyzed by stress, grief, fear or the uncertainty of where this will take you….

Take this advice.


Look up and forward. When we look down, the depths of the walk we are on seem to overtake us.

Don’t stop moving.  Let God guide your steps with His Word.  It is the only way to be sure you’re doing the right thing. The only thing that can grip the fear away from your heart and give you the courage to KNOW you have made it that far because of His promises.

Take baby steps when the big ones make you falter.  No one expects you to run your race and finish first.  The prize is set before you and will always be there. Do not feel that grief, uncertainty and security needs to be won in a day. He already finished the work for you.  Just walk in it faithfully.

Tune out the lies.  Listen to the His Voice and not your hollow and shallow breaths that show your own weakness.  We already know we need help to take the next step.  We need to tune out the lies that keep us from moving forward.

Minimize your distractions.  We can only carry our weight across that tightrope. Thankfully, we can cast all of our burdens’ on Jesus. Our extra’s.  Keeping God, our family and His Word by our side is sometimes just enough to keep us balanced.  Giving away to others is a good thing.  But, maybe you need to take the safe steps first?

Keep your ears and eyes open.  Do not shut out those that love you.  Cheering you on from behind the line, under the weight of it, and around you as the wind may make the walk a little shaky.  Listen to their words, take them to heart and allow them to keep you in balance.  Do not shut out those that love you. Ever.

walk 4

Trusting that your walk today will not leave you shaken or too weary to finish strong.

Jesus is the Master of Calming the Sea and Quieting the Wind.

Take His hand and let Him walk you through this.








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