You’re Going To Miss The Good Stuff Trying To Avoid The Hard

The child you can read from the moment they open their eyes in the morning?

It’s either a good day or a potentially bad day.  You know it right from the get-go.

I get it.  All the way.

The builder has learned to read me and I have finally learned to understand myself.  When I wake up knowing if I am going to have to work harder on how I am feeling about the day or if it is a slide off your back kinda day.

Those are rare my friends.  Really rare.  I have to fight the days I wake up feeling the prickly annoyances under my skin that something was left undone yesterday, or there is something looming ahead of me this day.

It usually takes me talking to the Lord with the blankets over my face before I even dare face another human being.  The hot tea with steaming whipped cream, and a few pleading looks of “please don’t talk to me yet,” are sometimes the best defense to not saying something I will regret, or living a life of complete ungratefulness upon waking with breath and health.

I don’t want to miss those moments.  But, many days I do.

I miss the good stuff while trying to avoid the hard.

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God gave us an amazing handful of sunshine morning children.  They pop out of bed and are smiling before their eyes are even opened.  We could use a grand dose of their child-like faith that all is well, because they trust in their unshakable world.  Held together by the Creator.

It is not a secret that life can be hard.  It can be taxing, and painful and messy.  I am not talking about laundry piles or dishes in the sink. Although, they are just an addend to the problem and sometimes are the button that pushes us into the furrowing brow and the case of overload.

People may fail you.  Your body may fail you. Your heart may be broken and your faith may be shaken.

And so we fight. We push through the hard stuff to seek a new breath every morning. We press on, because that is the only thing we know how to do when everything seems wrong. Even surrender takes work.


The hard presses in on us like a vice, so that we wake in the night in a sweat or a brick pressed upon our chests.  We line our days with meetings and we fit in the rest of the world that use to keep our lives spinning.  And the hard has tipped our existence on its axis. Where we do not see things clearly any more. One minute at a time to get through, we tell ourselves.

Here is the pressing truth my friends ~

The laundry gets done while we cried on the phone to a friend.  The dishes were scrubbed while tears ran into the sink, and the children were put to bed with motions and smiles that were lost on your heart, because you were just trying so hard to avoid thinking about the hard stuff.

The bills and the payments.  The deadlines and the commitments.  The people and the problems. The sickness and pain.

We talk to God as if He doesn’t know, “This is really hard and I don’t know how I can handle one more thing. I’m not doing this well and could use a lot of help.”

And we have missed the good stuff again. While God tucks us in at night, with steady breathing and restful sleep, we wake ourselves up in fear or fretting.  He waits to patiently for us to rest again.  And we have missed His presence in the peace.

His Hand is all over the hard Stuff.  When we forget His Power and His Presence, we forfeit peace and we miss the good stuff.

We are at ease and carry a light step when the hard disappears.  It is our human nature to carry on with grace and cheerfulness when life gets easier.

But, God never left the scene.  He never went to sleep on your problems or your worries.  He is always the same.

Those with pain and suffering every day have learned to number their moments with grace. They never forget the good days, because their hard days have meaning and purpose.

We often forfeit the peace we can carry through the hard, when we strive to just get through it.

Sometimes, there is no end to the hard.  And what will we do then?

As a mother, at the end of each and every day, I rehearse and rehash the moments with my children.  And many days I live with regret over missing the small seconds of joy or the laughter from the other room, because my mind was set on the hard.

Be prepared to put on your full armor today. Galatians 5:22 & 23


Gracious Lord, Our Father in Heaven,

You Lord! YOU, are the only strong tower I want to run into and under this day.  I pray that my heart will not lean to the left or lean to the right of my own understanding.  That you will keep me focused on the very gifts and moments before me. I know I miss so much when I fear and when I worry.  Forgive me Lord. Forgive me for my swaying heart and divided thoughts.  I want to trust you at all times. Will you help me to remove a spirit of fear and the desire to know all things before your ordained time?  May my trust in you reign supremely in my heart.

I see your hand at work God. I know when I feel crushed in spirit or weak at heart that you are mighty and that are molding me, crafting me into a new creature. May I bend and be willing to allow you to work.

For today, I thank you for Grace.  It was there when I opened my eyes and took another breath.  May I embrace every moment and not miss your gifts in the hard stuff today.

You know where I hurt and how I need you today.  Thank you for being there ahead of me.

In Jesus Name, The Name I Place My Trust and Hope Every Day!

Some days, the laundry and the errands will be your hard stuff. And some days, there will be bigger, harder and scarier stuff on your plate.

It’s all the same for God. He’s got you. He’s got this. Don’t miss the good stuff!


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