Please Pay Attention To Me (The Plea)

There she was.  Just like every morning, I could feel her head resting next to my hand, waiting for me to softly and slowly rub her head until she felt fully awake. Her eyes glow green in the early morning hours, and my little pre-frenzy gift from God is to watch those eyes come slowly alive and sparkle a new day.

This little child has always craved this morning time.  And I believe she will never change. May God grant me many more mornings brushing wisps of hair from her eyes and across her forehead.  I know when she has finally roused her mind enough to think on a new day, for she begins to speak what ever may be on her mind. Words are her gift.  And her curse.

“Will you play a game of checkers with me today?  She continued, “That is all I want to do today.”  And then, her eyes close again with a waiting smile.

I poked her freckled nose with tender fun love and those green sparkly eyes opened wide. It’s a plan.  That is exactly what we will do today.

All she ever wants from me is quality time.  She is happy as a lark and sharing smiles and words to the entire family. When her love tank is full.

Unless, I have missed her love language.  And then it is a plea.

Media, screen time, and every hand held device created for the distraction of man, pulls our focus away from our families. Children are begging us to simply look at them. An in turn, the world is solving this very problem by putting distractions in front of their children.

This is how love has been lost on the world.

One distraction in turn deserves another.


IMG_3907b copy

Children not receiving love, struggle to show love.  And the world goes around.

The universal language today is technology, and love has been lost on the children. Do we even know HOW each of children receive or give love?

This is the plea:

Put the distractions away.  Away.

Look your children in the eyes today.

Listen and learn how to love again.


Nina smiling From Sarah

Pay attention to the real source of any conflict in your home.  It probably began hours before it came to a climax.

We all receive love differently.  So ask yourself,  Is my child’s love tank full today?  Do I know their language of love?

It may be a simple game of checkers. 

Your dependence becomes their dependence.  Pay attention.  To the children.



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