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10 Fresh Starts To Meet Our Mondays


Hello calendar.  We always meet up on Mondays, when I am still on a post-Sabbath high and coming down from an intentional weekend of investment into everything good and all things family.

Monday is a day of fresh starts and new beginnings. So, why do we drag our feet into the dawn of the new day and slap on a smile as if we are yanking behind a ball and chain of lists and tasks that we feel we must accomplish for the better good?

When we feel spine-less to face the problems left-over from last week and our life is far from picture perfect…

Mondays take a bad rap.  Every word heard from the front of the Church and the time we spend in the Word while we worship, becomes lost on our calendars, watches and apps created for one thing perhaps?

Did we forget we don’t get to pick and choose when to live the Gospel and lay down our plans and pursuits on the altar of His will.


10 Fresh Starts to Meet Our Mondays

  1. Begin with a word of thankfulness for your life and those around you
  2. Put on the WHOLE armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20)
  3. Think before you speak and pray before you think
  4. Ask the Lord to use your strengths to help another in their weakness
  5. Be a grace dispenser (imagine a pez-dispenser and give it fast and free)
  6. Take desires off your to-do list and find more room for a holy pursuit
  7. Let God have your plan and He will fulfill all of your expectations
  8. Remind yourself that happiness and holiness can co-exist
  9. Act and don’t react.
  10. Turn your grievances into gratefulness. One problem (or person) at a time




Shake off the old, put on the new.  Let’s dare to do this together.  I will encourage you, and you encourage me.

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The very answer to the age old question…

“How in this upside down world, do we launch a good week out of a no-good place?”

It is all about where you begin.  

God is Sovereign on Monday too.

Putting together our broken pieces to make something more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

Together, we can turn the upside down view on every Monday, into one more day we redeem the time for His glory.

Every fresh start begins with a new habit.  Try one on for size and find that it will fit your Monday quite well.  I know it does mine.

A whole lot of grace to you.

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