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You Are Welcome World

We homeschool.

When we started this journey over 20 years ago, it was foreign and speculative to many.
It still may be. I don’t know.
We were judged, talked about, and under observation and gossip from very close family and friends for years.

As our children grew and showed “promise and progress,” and ‘passed the test ” of our critics, well.. those same people began to talk about how proud they were of our kids. After we passed their “litmus test” and they saw our children were “normal”, they pretended that the shunning, gossip and critical spirit never happened. All of a sudden, it was okay to homeschool. We had to prove ourselves. At least, that was their expectations.

Some of our kids attended a private school for their highschool years. They transitioned fine, graduated with a regents diploma, were Class Presidents, Worship Leaders, Honor Society, took ACE college courses, earned scholarships, and now lead “successful” adult lives. They are not on drugs, suicidal, or higschool dropouts. The school they attended did not have to pick up my pieces from a lack of education at home, and they thrived in their social and academic lives.

It has been 21 years and we still homeschool. This is a choice. Just like every other choice people march for, fight for and champion for.

Humor me and read further?
1. Homeschooling is not for everyone. But, right now, it is for us.
2. (Most) Homeschooling families spend HOURS a day teaching, learning and studying. Not an hour, here or there.
3. Homeschooling is a commitment. It is not an attempt to give our children a break from their studies or to not have accountability.
4. Homeschooling families have more accountability than the public classrooms and do not have the tax paying privileges they pay for.
5. Homeschooling is not for everyone. (just to re-iterate)
6. Homeschooling is not a cop-out, an experiment or less of an education.
7. Homeschooling is not cheaper than a private education and is funded from our pockets.
8. Homeschooling is a choice and a privilege and we take it seriously.

Today, I AGAIN, heard that homeschooling is viewed as “half-hearted,” with an hour here and an hour there, slapped on paper, hoping for the best.

I heard that the world needs to pick up our pieces.
Society, schools, churches and higher-institutions should recognize the segregation of this topic. It is overlooked and a highly abused topic. When my children are striving for excellence and are treated with disdain or fewer privileges, perhaps we, as a society, have acknowledged this as an acceptable form of segregation and judgement. Seems extreme? 21 years of this journey, and I will be the first to tell you, there are walls and they were built with words and judgement.

Today, I chose to write here, because an education is more than sitting at a desk.

An education begins with an open mind on topics like homeschooling.

I will not apologize for the 21 years of full-time commitment, hard work investment, to raise moral, intelligent, strong, faithful, humble, non-judegemental and hard working adults.
You are welcome world. But, I am sorry, my contribution was not for you.
It was for my children and the God who desires excellence from all of us. Even in our judgements.

Homeschooling may not be “for you,” but I ask that you keep your judgments to yourself.

(disclaimer, before this comes up: Our family represents ‘our homeschool investment.” I am not speaking to “the few” anomalies” you may know that have approached homeschooling differently.”)

Knowledge before utterance is imperative.


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