For Every Plan You Are Bent To Follow

Tiny holes were spaced evenly into the dirt as we arranged our seeds by category and planning.  Every year we take the time to gather our seeds, line up our planters, and begin the planning of our harvest.  This is a family affair.  Always messy.  So very, very messy.  And never quite as fulfilling as you might think planting seeds and watching them grow might be. By the time we have planted, covered, watered and set up the seeds to begin growing, the children need baths, the porch or dining room table need swept, scrubbed and tidied.

We explain to our younger children that each seed will grow at a different rate, need different amount of sunlight, and may not always make it.

Planting seeds

When the tiny sprouts begin to show their faces, the most ironic thing happens.  They grow towards the sun.   After a few days of growth, all in the same direction, I tell my children to turn the tiny plants around. “The instructions do not tell us to do this mom.  There is nothing about turning the plant.”

They listen and turn the plants to face the sun. A few days later, we do the same.  The base of the plant seems a little more sturdy, but again, leaning all in one direction. “Children, turn the plants again.”

” Mom, why are we turning our plants every few days? Why didn’t the seed packets tell us to do this?”

They turn the plants.

And then the watchful eyes, and inquisitive minds begin to understand.  The plants keep growing towards the sun.  Even when it gets all turned around.  They see the reaching and growing and bending of the plant to lean towards the life-giving energy, even if it has to bend in a completely different direction. What would have happened if the plants had never been turned?  A strong stem bent leaning in the wrong direction.  Crooked, leaning, and bent. The turning, the changing – always towards the sun gave the plant a strong base.  Growing towards the sun was the only plan that was truly life-giving.

I point out the rolling hills in our area to our children.  You would think that if the root of the tree grew out of the mountain, then all of the trees would be sideways.  They are growing towards the sun.

No turning, no changing, and maybe even not realizing we are growing away from the SON?  Sometimes, I am so bent in the wrong direction.  Thinking that if the path is well-taken by other’s and it seems to be the safe direction, then any changing, any turning might lead us the wrong way.  Planning seems so safe. But, if the SON is leading me in a new direction, and I choose not to turn with Him, then my roots will grow weak, and I will begin to grow weaker, and farther away from His light. Every day is a turning, changing, listening process.

For when God calls us to take a new job, home school our children, lead a Mom’s group, move to another state, make new friends, apologize and seek forgiveness, step out in faith for the next step…

Whatever the lot, if we are moving towards the light, seeking His direction, how may we then not thrive?

Following the LIGHT.  Oh, the view is beautiful! Is there a plan you are following that is safe, and according to all the “normal in this world”, but with weak roots and not quite what your Jesus might have for you? Perhaps you will turn a little bit towards the true SON this week with me?  Sometimes, it is not so comfortable, or not so safe.

 Imagine the harvest!!

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