Random Acts of Kindness

UPDATE:  There will be a list posted of Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Event,, the Closer we get to the Event!

Ok…. yes…

This is one of those “gushy,” “fun-loving,” “and maybe somewhat convicting posts…

But you are more than welcome to read any ways…

I have been teaching my children for a long time that Simple Acts of Kindness mean a whole lot, and go a Long ways.

I have taught them that some people are oblivious to kindness,,, some people have trouble acknowledging thankfulness, and some people actually get annoyed with Simple gestures of kindness…

( and, yes,, sadly,,, we have seen all of the above,, )


I have also taught my children, that we do not Do Acts of Kindness because we are looking for accolades of praise,

or even kindness in return.                                                                                     

Nope… that would be like setting ourselves up to fail… and the most genuine act of kindness we could ever show,,, LOVE.

When the love of our Father in Heaven reaches the recesses of our life, then it will OVERFLOW,,, and not even be an effort,,,

Today, as a challenge to all of those that Read One September Day…

I am posting this announcement,,,

Beginning Monday, November 14th.. I will be Hosting a “Random Acts of Kindess Blog Party!”

Details will follow,,,

….but this is YOUR chance to get prepared… with your heart.

Thanksgiving time is soon approaching, and there are a lot of people in your life, and all around you that will not know the LOVE of others.

Begin praying about how you can JOIN us here, and make a difference in YOUR life.

Straight from the Heart~!

Will you mark your calendar and maybe join this PARTY?       November 14-28!!!  


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    October 29, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    I don’t know that I would encourage anyone else to do this. You have to make your own judgement call in any situation. Last winter I drove by an older woman and her small grandson waiting on a bus in the bitter winter winds. I did a quick U-turn despite all those voices in my head warning me and asked if they needed a ride. Sure enough they were freezing cold and greatly appreciated the ride across town. Never saw them again and never told anyone before. Just wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life despite my own thoughts of wanting to hurry up to get back to my own kids who were home alone.

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