What is in your Hope Chest? And the Giveaways Begin!

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Below I am sharing a Post that was written by another Blogger, and Sister-in Christ.. shared by her permission.

Her name is Breezy Brookshire, and her Blog is found at A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles..

You can also read more and view the BEAUTIFUL  Art work and Ministry of Breezy at Noble Press, and her Etsy Shop.

My mind-set and thoughts on a lot of things were spurred into action by this post.. and I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did here!

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And so, we begin…

The Invisible Hope Chest


I was recently discussing with some dear friends the subject of stay-at-home-daughters and time.  We talked about all the things we hope to learn and skills we want to have before entering marriage.  Beyond the basic skills of cleaning the home, caring for children, sewing, cooking wholesome meals and decorating cakes, there is a vast world of other useful skills that stay-at-home-daughters have time to learn.


As young women not yet married, we have the responsibility to become as well-rounded and useful as we can be.  Right now you probably don’t have the full care of running the home—this is an excellent opportunity to prepare yourself for the rest of your life.  The more helpful skills we acquire, the more useful, the more of a blessing we will be to our future husbands and families.

Think of these skills as an Invisible Hope Chest.

Your husband could have any kind of job: mechanic, business owner, economics professor, etc.—are you studied in many areas to be able to help him in whatever his calling may be?  Your family may someday have special diet issues—would you know enough about nutrition to accommodate those needs?  Could you start a homestead or home business from scratch and live self-sufficiently?  Do you plan to home-educate your children?  Are you collecting excellent books for them to read?  How do you plan to raise them to become God-fearing and useful men and women?

There is a host of other things to learn as well.  Systematic theology (there’s enough there to keep you constantly in awe for the rest of your life!), finances and banking, how to keep everything in the home running smoothly together, history, English, a foreign language, herbal medicine, science, home birth, and even some carpentry skills will be found quite useful.  And how are your communication skills?

How are you filling your invisible hope chest?  Perhaps you haven’t started on it yet, but what would you like to fill it with?

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Isn’t that post truly inspiring?

Thank you Breezy for letting me share your words here… so beautiful and thought provoking.

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    October 13, 2011 at 8:55 am

    I love the idea of an invisible hope chest! what a great illustration for my girls!

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