50 Ways To Celebrate Your Children

Capture Celebrate Children

Being a parent is a rigorous balance of time, energy, and love – Whether you have one, two, or even … ten children to celebrate life with! I know you agree with me, because we all want to spend time with our children, show them our love, and give them some one -to- one attention. […]


The Redeemer’s Hands


Curled up on the couch with the baby on my lap, the Bible in my left hand, and our spunky toddler with braids and dimples sitting on my right…. Reading the  story of the Prodigal Son to their listening ears and open hearts. My son, seven, is fidgety, but still paying attention.  His sensitivity to […]


A Sweet Tooth Surprise

Jello Cake

To switch things up a bit… It is time to share a  Sweet Surprise Recipe that will please the family, or the crowds on a Sunday afternoon, at a party, or for any simple entertaining delight. I was given this recipe before I was married, and have been serving it ever since! Perhaps you have […]


Take Time For Tea


Every special year that a little girl turns five in our home – We celebrate with a Fancy, “Made -for -Her”  Tea Party. There is a special fuss over details… the Cookies, the China, the Dress and the Fun. Her little girl heart is glowing and bursting all year- waiting for this special day!   […]


Filled to Overflowing

photo_67174_20111212 (1)

Our hearts cannot give what they are not taking in… Oh, how so true this is in living out of our daily lives. If someone were to meet you on a random day… someone that didn’t know you, or any thing about you.. What would they walk away with? Perhaps shaking their head and thinking… […]


Soup For Your Saturday


I receive a lot of  lovely, personal comments on those of you that are making the Soup for Your Saturday recipes.. and so, here is another Winner to add to your Table this weekend. Zesty Potato Soup – My Family LOVES this recipe, and I usually serve it with our Buttery Cornbread that you can […]


5 Valentine’s Day Ideas -The Countdown

Valentines Day 3

Valentines Day is Five Days Away!!! -And I have chosen FIVE Ways to Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day – That we will be using here at our home!   We will start our Homeschool day off with a Guessing Game from this Special Jar! Source: homeschoolcreations.blogspot.com via September on Pinterest   Then we will […]


A Sabbath Series- Part 1

fruit of the spirit

Do you consider your Sundays? Consider them to be Special? Consider them to be Sacred? and… Consider them to be Simple? This is where we begin…  Keeping Your Sabbath Special What really makes the Sabbath a Special Day for us? Here are a few questions we can ask ourselves before the next Sunday rolls around? […]


Celebrating Sisterhood

  Have you been hurt in a friendship?  Do you feel that you do not “belong”  in a community of women? Perhaps there is too much drama in the fellowship of women that you have known? Find Hope here my friend… there is another way…   The Lord uses friendships , relationships, and trust,  to […]