If “Hits” To Our Family Size Counted – I Would Be a Top Ten Blogger!


There is a bravery in the community of people I know. My armor is not always so strong. Over the years, I have learned to smile, pull-in my reaction time, and slowly, yet surely answer the brave rude questions hurled my way – when I am out in public.  With my family. Yes, we have a […]


Where Does He Hear You?

ava FB

(Almost a year later upon writing this post… I am walking through the same footsteps.. The words are near and dear to my heart as a mom.  Wanted to share them with you again.) My eyes are not even open while my face is buried deep into the pillow, hoping that just a few more […]


What I wanted to do,,, and What I did….


 I waited all week for Saturday,  actually, any day, would have sufficed – to do something that I wanted… It was Flip-Flop weather here this week, and every time I slipped my bare -feet into exposure, I wished for one of those things I hear women talk about- What are they called – Pedicures? Truth […]


Will Two Decades Carry Through the Centuries?


I sat on an airplane for the first time in two decades, a little less nervous about the flying, and more caught up in the conversation around me. Professionals, Singles, Parents, Grandparents, and the scope of those on the planes for the trip I was on, carried my thoughts through the miles I needed to […]


Giving Up the Grand and Settling for Best


Quite a few years ago,,,, I gave up the grand…. especially when it came to keeping my home perfectly tidy, clean and in order all the time.   Buckets of  legos, play-doh in the cracks of my older hard-wood floors, mis-matched socks, spider webs peeking out of the corner, and those chores that call me […]


Frumps to Pumps Winners Announced!

Yes ma’am!  We have some women that will be dressing their way to a brighter day- and soon! Because they left a comment, and are excited to find a better way in the world of Getting dressed… three women will receive a gifted Copy from One September Day to their inbox! I am excited to […]


On My Bookshelf- Into Your Hands


Today, I spent my day in the most comfortable, soft and over-sized pajama pants.  I wore my sneakers and even put on earrings –  if that counts.  It does – doesn’t it? Spring Cleaning was calling me, and I dabbled with some baking, and the littlest children and I played in the dirt. When my […]


Spring Fever Fabulous

cheesecake in mason jars

What do we have in common these days? Spring Fever is everywhere – It is all over Facebook, Twitter, and Blog Land – but more fantastically – Spring Fever has hit our homes! Sharing some Fabulous Spring Ideas – From food to fun! Pass them on!  Super Giant Bubbles Recipe Source: designdazzle.blogspot.com via Renee on […]


When Mom Goes on Strike

ava sarah

I am marching around my home with a picket sign.  It has big letters and it is so heavy.   It declares this – Mom is on Strike!  Find your own shoes! I have been marching up and down the sidewalk in front of my home for a few hours, and no one seems to […]


Book Giveaway Winner’s and A Surprise!

After an overwhelmingly wonderful response to the He Heard Hannah Blog Tour here at One September Day, we are ready to announce the winners of  THREE Books to those that responded. Random.org was our host for the drawings, saving me time and printing!  YAY! If you left a comment, and additionally mentioned that you qualified for […]