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March 2012

If “Hits” To Our Family Size Counted – I Would Be a Top Ten Blogger!


There is a bravery in the community of people I know.

My armor is not always so strong.

Over the years, I have learned to smile, pull-in my reaction time, and slowly, yet surely answer the brave rude questions hurled my way – when I am out in public.  With my family.

Yes, we have a large family.

Yes, we drive a large, huge van.

Yes, I know what causes this.  Thank you for asking. Many times.  Sometimes- Rudely.

The questions are becoming more frequent, and the voices more bold.

Is it the generation “thing?”  Or maybe the lack of moral consciousness?

Many comments are positive, and our family has grown to be gracious with our answers.

Many people bless us and carry on polite and genuine conversations with our family…

Often commenting on the positive things they see, and the blessings of a large family.

Thank you.

But… If  rude and personal comments were tracked – I would have High- Volume Stats!

Again today…

“May I ask you a personal question?”

I guess this is where I go wrong.  I could just say -” No, you cannot.”

But I have not learned the art of distasteful comments, and a sharp tongue.

Please tell me… “When it is someone else’s business if I am having more children?”

Or… If I use birth control, or ever plan to?

Do I feel that I am robbing my husband of his “life?”

Don’t I get tired of gaining and losing weight?  ( Surely, you jest.)

Oh, yes.… And when you feel free to ask me to your home for Tea,  with the sole purpose of teaching me ABOUT

birth-control- when I have 10 children and I am 41 years old –

Come on people!  What in the world!

Yes, you have your opinion – and I respect that.

We know there is talk.  A lot of it returns to us.  Thank you.

My response –

Don’t worry about it – We are raising ALL of these children, and God gave each and every one of them to us-

…by No Mistake.

“If it’s not real life, then it’s not worth doing,”

 – Ray Cirmo


Oh,,, By the way… ” May I Ask…     I wouldn’t ask YOU a personal question..”

Where Does He Hear You?

ava FB

(Almost a year later upon writing this post… I am walking through the same footsteps.. The words are near and dear to my heart as a mom.  Wanted to share them with you again.)

My eyes are not even open while my face is buried deep into the pillow, hoping that just a few more minutes of sleep will find my body.

No chance there… I hear the baby again…fussing for milk, nurturing, and comfort.
I am awake now…barely… nursing the baby,, and mulling over many thoughts of the day and what it might bring.
Fretting, worry, concerns,, all handed over to the Lord that I am speaking to from the depths of my heart while the house is all quiet and the prayers are a hushed whisper from my lips.. but a deep utterance from my heart.

He hears me.

The house is still.  The baby is now back to sleep, and I debate on a few more minutes of sleep, or charging ahead with the duties left from the day before.

Walking through the still house brings a flood of emotions.
Who left that light on?
The laundry will need to be caught up today… I run a load…fold some… pray more.

He hears me.

Slowly treading the stairs to the kitchen, my hand glides down the railing, thinking of all the little and big hands that have touched this bannister…
those fingerprints will need scrubbed off today..

My mind wanders.. what will those hands do for my Lord when they leave this home?
I pray for their direction.

He hears me.

Ouch,,, I have stepped on an army man,,, or two.. laying in my path to the kitchen to get a drink of water.
The sink needs scrubbed.. it will have to wait.
Agh… the floor didn’t get swept well before I turned in last night… my feet are feeling the sand from the kids
running in from playing in the sand box before baths.
It will have to wait.

A lot has had to wait lately.  Lately – the last 23 years of nurturing this home of mine.
I pray that the things that had to wait were not that important.
I pray for the children I gave my time to.

He hears me.

The baby is fussing again… upstairs.. and so I grab my drink of water… turn and begin the climb to keep her cries from waking the other little Indians in their beds.
Just a little more solitude.  This will be it before tomorrow morning at this time.

I walk her, rock her, and pray for the bills, the deadlines, my hard-working husband,  and all of the ways that my children will learn their faith through my walk.
That cannot wait.

He hears me.  He always does… wherever I may be.

Where does He hear you?

What I wanted to do,,, and What I did….


 I waited all week for Saturday,  actually, any day, would have sufficed – to do something that I wanted…

It was Flip-Flop weather here this week, and every time I slipped my bare -feet into exposure, I wished for one of those things I hear women talk about-

What are they called – Pedicures?

Truth be told – I have only ever had ONE pedicure…. I was nine months along with my 15th pregnancy.

Yah- I guess it was time.  I never did see the beautiful handi-work the lady was able to paint onto my toes, for my ankles were to swollen to see beyond,… but it left me remembering what it was like to be pampered.  For a bit.

All that to say –

All week- I wanted to get a pedicure… and what did I do?

…………………I bought a foot massager , and a new nail polish.

Because  –

What a Mom wants to do, and What she does-

Are TWO different things.

How about you?  Can you relate?

Maybe not with the wishful luxury of a pedicure… but.. perhaps:

-I wanted to get in my walk/jog today – But I played 2 hours of ferociously -fun ping-pong against my hubby.

-I wanted to take a nap today – but as my eyes closed, the baby woke up, and so we left to get groceries.

-I wanted to work on some writing –  rather, I  wrote out to do-lists, and stored away my words in my  store-house – …..already pretty full.

-I wanted to have a bowl of cereal for the first time in forever – someONE left the milk out all day on the counter.  I had an … instead.

-I wanted to burn some candles for Our Mom Heart MeetingsThey were all burned up – for science experiments.   …..I dug out the Christmas left-overs.

-I wanted to visit with a friend – I had to facebook her instead.

-I wanted a glass of water with ice after I exercised- I drank the tepid water.  With lemon.  The last of the ice was being used on a boo-boo.

-I wanted to go to bed early  – ONE night – but the sheets were never switched to the dryer – and so… I went to bed late.

-I wanted to get a hair-cut – rather, I gave two hair cuts in my kitchen.

-I wanted to sit through Church – But, I walked the baby, and worshiped in my heart and mind.

-I wanted to heal my children’s hurts – I couldn’t – and so – I prayed.

-I wanted to stay home just one day – and not leave the house – Someone locked their key in their car.  I drove them the spare.

-I wanted to read with my little boy a while longer – He wanted to play legos.

-I wanted to throw angry words at someone- I forbear, and asked God to forgive me for even thinking that.


What a Mom Wants to Do…. 

And What A Mom Does….

Are Two different things.

       And….What a blessing either could be.  

                       Stop, Choose to be flexible – And when we want to complain – Do something different.

I choose joy.    Well,  I try.





Will Two Decades Carry Through the Centuries?


I sat on an airplane for the first time in two decades, a little less nervous about the flying, and more caught up in the conversation around me.

Professionals, Singles, Parents, Grandparents, and the scope of those on the planes for the trip I was on, carried my thoughts through the miles I needed to span to arrive at my destination.

But, the reaction I received each and every time someone asked me about my story –

Well, I, guess I can understand their shock – Their reactions of jaw-dropping expanse, and stuttering for an answer that wouldn’t sound so – well, shocked.

All I told them when they asked if I had family back home, was…

Yes.  I have a family.  This is the first time I have flown in over two decades, and the first DAY in over two decades I have not changed a diaper.

This is where the jaw dropped, the sometimes rolling of eyes, and, no exaggeration – pure shock set in, and they began to think I was making this up.

It is ok.  This is my life, and I am in love with it.

So … In ….Love.

Today, I sit in the middle of a crowd.  I am not on an airplane.  I am not on a bus to a conference for Mom’s.

I am in my home, where I am preparing to celebrate Two Decades of Life  – by no mistake  – that was given to me to cherish.

This week- My oldest turns Twenty, and my baby turns One.  Surreal.

Yes, I am a bit melancholy.  My mind is spanning the years of raising my oldest son to manhood- the years invested into an Eternal Pursuit…. To the present – where I rock and sing sweet whispers of God’s Promises into my baby’s heart.

Still…two decades later, I am pursuing the same daily investment.  I rock my baby and know that another 20 years of  hard work, and unselfish love  – I will have to bear down and give .

This Birthday Celebration is bringing this to my mind…

Will Two Decades Carry Through the Centuries ?– If the Lord Tarries.

Carry…. What has been written on the tablets of their hearts – to their Lives and beyond?

 This is more than a Birthday Banner Year… It is….

A Challenge to me – to Press On.

Happy Birthday to my Boy-Man, and My little baby-girl.

Do you have thoughts like this?

What will our legacy be – as Motherhood spans the centuries?  


Giving Up the Grand and Settling for Best


Quite a few years ago,,,, I gave up the grand…. especially when it came to keeping my home perfectly tidy, clean and in order all the time.


Buckets of  legos, play-doh in the cracks of my older hard-wood floors, mis-matched socks, spider webs peeking out of the corner, and those chores that call me in the middle of the night, that were left undone, and need attention – are still calling me after 20 years of Motherhood….



Frankly, if we are all honest here,,,, there are so many things that need our attention, and it is sometimes a miracle if we get even a fraction of them done.

I am sharing this true story of the day that I gave up the grand, and began settling for the BEST!

A new acquaintance and I were sharing an afternoon play-date with our children together.  A balm of relief for two homeschooling moms, that don’t find a reprieve, nor much adult conversation often enough.

Our girls were working on some fun – hand-sewing projects, and the boys were jumping on the trampoline.  My friend and I sat leisurely enjoying a sunny afternoon, as we exchanged stories of Motherhood, and life’s joys and challenges.

Right smack dab in the day – this woman said to me….“I am so surprised by your home!”   ” After talking with a few other people that know you, I was expecting your home to be spotless, and completely perfect… It certainly is far from that.”

Hmmmm…. awkward pause.

More silence.

She proceeded to tell me that she expected my home to be polished, mopped and dust-free. She tries to keep her floors mopped regularly.. humph.

Ha!  Boy, she must have been so disappointed to visit my home.  <grin>

The day proceeded pretty quickly after that.

It was the funniest thing.  I let that bother me for a while.  A rather long- while.  Bad me.

I then realized how foolish it was,  that her “disappointment” in the  “less- than – perfect state”  of my home was disturbing to me.

It took me a while, but..

I was willing to Give up the Grand – and “settle” for this:

-Happy, Smiling, Clean, Well -fed and loved Children

-Children who are learning how to clean, maintain and balance a home and life

-A  home, with cob webs in a few corners, a little dust on my steps, and spilled cheerios daily

-A happy, loving husband

-Finding time to see the Joy in my days, rather than the lego that might be hiding under the couch

THE BEST – A Life of Choices

What about you?

Perhaps you have been made to feel this way in the early years of Motherhood, when time and energy are a commodity?

Throw off the burden, and settle for BEST!   The grand is for the dreamer in you, and it will only rob your joy.

Blessings –  my perfectly joyful friends.


Frumps to Pumps Winners Announced!

Yes ma’am!  We have some women that will be dressing their way to a brighter day- and soon!

Because they left a comment, and are excited to find a better way in the world of Getting dressed… three women will receive a gifted Copy from One September Day to their inbox!

I am excited to follow this journey with them!                               



Here are the ladies that will be flashing that hospitable, content and brighter smile:







Congratulations my friends!

May your step be lighter and your mornings be full of Frumptastic Motivation in the coming days!

Go… and check your inbox!

On My Bookshelf- Into Your Hands


Today, I spent my day in the most comfortable, soft and over-sized pajama pants.  I wore my sneakers and even put on earrings –  if that counts.  It does – doesn’t it?

Spring Cleaning was calling me, and I dabbled with some baking, and the littlest children and I played in the dirt.

When my daughter returned home from work, and I was STILL in those comfy- working clothes, she gave a little frown-smirk, and said.. “What ARE you wearing?”

Get the picture?

But here is a challenge – and one I have been so excited to share with  you.

You will LOVE this.


Sarah Mae has written this book from experience and with heart.  Filling the pages with beauty from Scripture and relaying encouragement and motivation with challenges and more.


I would love to hear what you have to say about this Frumptastic Book!


So, leave a comment, and I am going to give away …. THREE ebooks – Frumps to Pumps 

On Monday, I will choose three names from the comments below… so be sure to leave one.

I read my copy through –  in an afternoon, and have  re-read it again  – each day since.

(Have I ever mentioned how much I love e-books?

 The swift reading, the practical insights, and clever ideas are what a Mom needs!   (Wahoo for Ebooks!  Thank you Sarah Mae!)

I have taken this challenge.  (Unless I am Spring Cleaning, of course, and then … well, I wore my earrings-  and that counts!)

It is not all about fading beauty or vanity – but the inward design God created for Women.

Read about it here – Frumps to Pumps.

Leave your comment – Embrace this challenge with me?

And you might be receiving a FREE copy to your inbox!

Lovely day my friends.  It is Friday – and I am De – Frumping.

Spring Fever Fabulous

cheesecake in mason jars

What do we have in common these days?

Spring Fever is everywhere – It is all over Facebook, Twitter, and Blog Land – but more fantastically –

Spring Fever has hit our homes!

Sharing some Fabulous Spring Ideas – From food to fun!

Pass them on!

 Super Giant Bubbles Recipe



Cheesecakes in Jars – Lovely and Tasty











Print Recipe Here – Be sure to visit : The Italian Dish and try more of their amazing recipes!

Make Time Before they Sprout up this Spring –


The How – To can be Found Here- Canvas Silhouette’s

Stop by Christina Williams Blog-  And see all of her creative ideas and Free downloads!  I love her Site!

ENJOY my Friends — explore your creativity and try your hand at a few ideas shared here.

Stop back and let me know what you created in your Spring Fever Moments!

In the meantime – We carry on with Some Fabulous Spring Activity!


When Mom Goes on Strike

ava sarah

I am marching around my home with a picket sign.  It has big letters and it is so heavy.  

It declares this – Mom is on Strike!  Find your own shoes!

I have been marching up and down the sidewalk in front of my home for a few hours, and no one seems to be noticing??


Perhaps it is because  1.) I am dreaming this.  or  2.) No one is really ever going to notice that I am out here?

It is both.  This could be a nightmare/dream.

I mean… WHO is sorting their socks right now, or making their special lunch?

They must be wishing the bathroom was cleaner, or that the refrigerator was stocked with groceries?

Aren’t they missing those things right now?

Mom’s – Do you feel alone?  Unappreciated?  Or over-worked?

Sometimes, I just want to go on strike.

You all know me.  I have a wonderful family, an amazing husband, and they are pretty diligent and thoughtful.

But, guess what?  I am a mom – like you – and I get tired too.

I pace the lawn now, holding the picket-sign a little higher, and have added a little volume to my Strike.

I boldly proclaim –” I am mom, and I will not fold your socks any more!”  


“I am mom, and I forgot to buy you shoes, take you to ballet, and teach you multiplication facts.”

( That one was a little too long to shout)….

I stop for a minute in the lawn, as I see the younger children standing outside on the porch, eyes in alarm, as they think their mom has lost her mind.

Perhaps I have?

And opening the door behind them, are the older children, who have a little smirk on their face as they come alongside their younger siblings, placing their arms over their shoulders.

Why the smirks?

This has happened before. Yep.

The kids pile out onto the lawn,,, running towards my knees, my arms, and embrace me with a big hug.

They take my picket signs, and hug me.

The oldest child puts the picket sign in the garage on the shelf where it has taken residence before.

The younger children pile onto my lap in the lawn, and vow to re-group, be more responsible, and listen better.

The others are already in the house, tending to the neglected, and writing little notes of love to their mom.

I wake up from this dream – and know-  there will be no picket signs today….

But, when I get to this point as a mom, I know that it is time to step back, re-group, and breathe.

 And sometimes – Re-train.

Embracing Motherhood doesn’t mean loving the moments of  discouragement –

…but taking a break and breather when things are tough and ask for help.

I do.

And, by the way -If you ever try to go on strike – I highly recommend packing your own snacks, and getting your own umbrella – because no one else is going to do it for you.  <grin>


There is no doubt things get crazy here!  My picket signs are all put away for now.  Enjoying the crazy!

Book Giveaway Winner’s and A Surprise!

After an overwhelmingly wonderful response to the He Heard Hannah Blog Tour here at One September Day, we are ready to announce the winners of  THREE Books to those that responded. was our host for the drawings, saving me time and printing!  YAY!

If you left a comment, and additionally mentioned that you qualified for extra drawings, that was added as well.

So after processing 100 Names – YES!  ONE HUNDRED!!!!

The Winner’s of a Free Giveaway Book of  He Heard Hannah  are:

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Congratulations Ladies!

Comfort Publishing will be sending you each a Copy of  He Heard Hannah soon!

Also… The Big Surprise?


For Commenter #8 –  An extra drawing due to the over-whelming response….

Georgie –  You have won a #25 Gift Card to Amazon!


A Burden has been placed on my heart from some of your comments, and from some private e-mails that I have been receiving this week…  A compassionate burden for those that have lost a baby, a child, or know someone that has gone through this.

It is with thankfulness that Blogs, and Books like Lynnette’s, that those burden’s can be shared with each other, and we can in turn pray, and help bear those burdens.

Walk and Talk with someone that you know is going through such a difficult time, and always know that you can chat with me here at One September Day.

Lynnette- Thank you for sharing your story with us.  We have been so blessed.


Winners -Please contact me soon, and we can get your giveaways to you!

Thank you to everyone that visited, left comments, and pre-ordered Lynnette’s New Book – He Heard Hannah!