Book Giveaway Winner’s and A Surprise!

After an overwhelmingly wonderful response to the He Heard Hannah Blog Tour here at One September Day, we are ready to announce the winners of  THREE Books to those that responded. was our host for the drawings, saving me time and printing!  YAY!

If you left a comment, and additionally mentioned that you qualified for extra drawings, that was added as well.

So after processing 100 Names – YES!  ONE HUNDRED!!!!

The Winner’s of a Free Giveaway Book of  He Heard Hannah  are:

Carla Raley – 

Diane Kratz

Joni Owada

Congratulations Ladies!

Comfort Publishing will be sending you each a Copy of  He Heard Hannah soon!

Also… The Big Surprise?


For Commenter #8 –  An extra drawing due to the over-whelming response….

Georgie –  You have won a #25 Gift Card to Amazon!


A Burden has been placed on my heart from some of your comments, and from some private e-mails that I have been receiving this week…  A compassionate burden for those that have lost a baby, a child, or know someone that has gone through this.

It is with thankfulness that Blogs, and Books like Lynnette’s, that those burden’s can be shared with each other, and we can in turn pray, and help bear those burdens.

Walk and Talk with someone that you know is going through such a difficult time, and always know that you can chat with me here at One September Day.

Lynnette- Thank you for sharing your story with us.  We have been so blessed.


Winners -Please contact me soon, and we can get your giveaways to you!

Thank you to everyone that visited, left comments, and pre-ordered Lynnette’s New Book – He Heard Hannah!



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