What Are You Waiting For?


Are you afraid to let your children see a side of you that resonates within?   Are our children growing up knowing that it is ok to let down their guard – and be real?   Can you identify with the following areas where the “true – you,” has been hidden from your family?  (and perhaps from […]


Talk About Rude

girl in the chair of the boss warning

Let’s Talk about Rude.                   Do we teach our children manners beyond Please and Thank you? More than the…. “Chew with your mouth closed,” and…”Please ask to be excused at the table.” Or perhaps those don’t even don your doorstep? Manners are not a one stop lesson, […]


When Women Lurk In The Shadows

A Ladie’s group meeting, and a group of chatting women stand in the center of the room, their voices carrying laughter, conversation and discussion over topic after topic. How do they do this so easily?  Why can’t I just walk over there,  join them, and not feel so self-conscious, or afraid of what hurt THAT […]


National Siblings Day – Who Knew?

Family Photos 570

You heard it from here.. it is true!  Who knew – right? Today, Is National Siblings Day. Heading to bed last night,  I did a quick check of my inbox, and blog, and discovered that my oldest daughter had written a blog about Sisterhood. She posted this, and went to bed herself. I read it,,, […]


Well – Worn…(Not worn out.)


 Small Fingers repetitiously folding corner to corner of the crisp white Squares – with worn edges, and a slight scent of tobacco tracing the threads…. A memory that burns in my mind. Washing, Drying on the Line – the Handkerchiefs of my grandpa.  And my grandmother letting me share this daily task  – building piles […]


Stuff – Is It Clouding My Vision To The Cross ?

Take a moment to reflect on The Cross.

You know what I mean. I don’t even need to write all of the details –  about what “stuff,”  is going on in everyone’s your life. Busy is the Word for Holiday preparations…. and then add life into the mix.  What do we have? A Lot of Stuff.   Stuff – that is getting in the […]


A Purity Talk- Beauty or Shame?

A Passport To Purity - A Resource Tried and True

Where do you fit in? Option 1.) We probably should begin talking to our child about the “birds & the bee’s,” and get it over with. Option 2.) I have no idea how I am going to start telling my child about the facts of life, they will probably know more than I did at […]