When Women Lurk In The Shadows

A Ladie’s group meeting, and a group of chatting women stand in the center of the room, their voices carrying laughter, conversation and discussion over topic after topic.

How do they do this so easily?  Why can’t I just walk over there,  join them, and not feel so self-conscious, or afraid of what hurt THAT might bring?

It will be easier to stay in this safe place – be the silent observer.  I have seen how women hurt women.

I will just stay right here.  

I know why women do this.  Lurk in the shadows, stay quiet during conversations, or quietly observe other women as they fellowship.

They feel safe there- in the shadows.  Safe from questions, judgement, hurt, and it is their comfort-zone.

To know me, you would never guess that this is where I would rather be right now... in the shadows.

Women often do not feel safe with other women – the hurtful comments, judgemental words have placed a barrier of fellowship in so many lives.

You are safe here.

Are you hiding in the shadows where you are?

I am writing at Sisters in Bloom today – and I would love for you to read my thoughts on this very thing.

Would you visit me there today and let me know if you find yourself in this place also?



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