If You Haven’t Tried This… You Can Today

May 15, 2012 021

The mail carrier arrived with a nice sized package at my door this morning. My daughter loves to be the receiver and scan the return address every time we have a package arrive. ( Just in case it is for her on some random act of miracle. ) But today…. Today…I watcher her as she ran […]


There Is More To Life Than You… ( why our children need to hear this today)

girls 4

Walking a path into the carpeted floor at night with our beutiful newborns – as they require and sometimes demand our attention. Running for potty breaks in the middle of errands, dinner, and during the night. I need a drink mommy. Can we make cookies mommy? Can I have a friend over Mommy?                                   I need […]


When Social Media Makes You Smile…( and laugh)

In case you needed a smile today –  This is for you! A Little Bit of Something for Everyone today!       (I don’t know how my daughter ropes me into her last minute video’s…but she does… and oh, how fun!)     Share the smile with someone else today, won’t you?  


In The Side-lines- You Will Be Heard

Girls park

  Do you hear that? It is a humming and drumming of voices and noises– and they tend to blend together.. where you can barely hear the voice behind it any more. This is my life – Chattering Children, Cell-Phone’s ringing, baby monitor is buzzing, grocery store check-outs, baby fussing, instruments practicing,  tap shoes on […]


3 Secrets to Finishing Out The School Year – With Sanity


Restless legs swing under the table while finishing the math problems of the day. “How many more pages are left before we are done mommy?” Fingers tap on the table as the last tests are timed out, and the little circles are filled in. “If I have to fill in one more circle ….” Folders […]


Raising Generations Winners – Vintage Pearl Necklace’s

Three Lovely Ladies are the Winners of The Vintage Pearl Necklace – Raising Generations! The Visions that you have shared in the comment sections were inspiring and beautiful. We are Raising Generations together! Just thought that you might want to sit down with a cup of tea while I sahre my Vision.  ( It is […]


The Protecter Of My Heart – My Mother’s Day Gift


The birth was exhausting, and emotional  The nursing staff quietly slipped from the room, to give the young couple some time alone – with their baby. You could tell from the look on the mother’s face, that her pain was keeping her from getting comfortable.     First birth, breech baby, no pain medicine.  But there was […]


“I Don’t Want To Sound Idealistic Or Harsh”


Parenting with Purpose A few weeks ago – I was in my upstairs laundry room, which looks down onto our back yard.  I seized the moment to lean my elbows onto the window sill and watch my little boy play in the sunshine. All Winter he had been asking me when the pretty yellow flowers […]


A Vision and A Mother’s Day Give-Away!


Every day – All week – The comment section is YOURS! Mother’s Day is celebrated BIG here  – Because we are Emracing Motherhood – One Day at a time. I have been waiting 2 months to share this special Give-away with you! Re-Created by The Vintage Pearl for me to share with you – This […]


Hold On To Your First Love


  Today, you can find me over here  – A very special place for Young Woman – Single, Betrothed or Married. I LOVE this site!  And I know that you will too! Here is a little bit of my story, and the lessons I learned about Holding Onto My First Love… Newly married and walking […]