If You Haven’t Tried This… You Can Today

The mail carrier arrived with a nice sized package at my door this morning.

My daughter loves to be the receiver and scan the return address every time we have a package arrive. ( Just in case it is for her on some random act of miracle. ) :)

But today…. Today…I watcher her as she ran to the door to greet the mail lady.

Package in hand… she turns to me, and before she even has a chance to read the return address label.. I can see the sudden change in her facial expression.

What she did next – clued me into where this package had arrived from.

In a strange and deliberate form – she pressed her nosed to the box – furrowed her eyebrows.. and then..

Her face lit up like the sky,, and she exclaimed – “This box smells delicious!  Like Coffee!”

Yes Ma’am – She was right!  Avodah Coffee it is!  Straight from the Bean Roaster , Special request blends, and made for YOU!

That’s right friends –

I ordered Sample Packs of Avodah Coffee  for YOU!

Today only – for everyone that Subscribes here at One September Day – By leaving your e-mail addy in the Subscribe button on the Side-bar, or at the end of this post  – A FREE Sample Pack of Avodah Coffee!

Delivered to your door – a fresh aromatic blend of Avodah Coffee – Today Only!

(Just send me a quick email at oneseptemberday@gmail.com with your address for mailing)

Hurry – Tell your friends!





  1. Thanks to you and Avodah for this great promotional!

    • septemberanne says:

      You will be sure to LOVE this coffee Ashley!  And you will surely know when it has arrived!  Thank you for leaving a comment!

  2. New reader here! I subscribed and look forward to reading more… and sampling some tasty coffee! :) Thank you.

    • septemberanne says:

      Aroma to your doorstep Amanda – and One September Day to your inbox.  Delicious Deal, wouldn’t you say?   Thank you for stopping by – Be sure to tell your friends!

  3. Crystal Ashworth says:

    I think I’m already subscribed.  :)

  4. Subscribing and thankful for some tasty coffee :) Ready to get to know your blog too

  5. Gabrielle Erway says:

    Have visited here a few times. Have subscribed and am looking forward to reading more and tasting some delish coffee. Thanks for this great opportunity!

    • septemberanne says:

      Hi Gabrielle! ( I love your name by the way)..So glad you’re a subscriber now.  And as for coffee- Avodah is the best!  Stop by and see what they are about!  You will love them!

  6. I’m not sure if my old email was subscribed or not..but since it got hacked…you now have my new addy subscribed!! Of course you know I LOVE your blog and coffee!! hehe!  thats such a cool way to promote your blog!

    • septemberanne says:

      Gotcha Sarah!  And you will love this new blend from Avodah!  Tell your friends.. it is only one day!

  7. Ooo – I came over from a link on Facebook about the coffee, but after poking around, I LOVE your blog!  Can’t wait to look around some more!

    • septemberanne says:

      Alle – So glad you stopped by and are now subscribed!  The Avodah coffee will be delivered to your home!  Thanks Alle!

  8. Stacey Schlittenhard says:

    I am looking forward to sampling this coffee… this is the second blog in two days to mention it. Really like your blog!

    • septemberanne says:

      Stacey – Avodah coffee is not only delicious -the missional statement behind Avodah is so inspiring!  Check them out! 

  9. What a fun idea!! I subscribed and look forward to reading more. Thanks!  :)

    • septemberanne says:

      Thank you for subscribing!  What would you like to see on One September Day during the summer?  Your delicious coffee will arrive soon!  :)

  10. Sharon O says:

    What if we already subscribe??

    • septemberanne says:

      Sharon- The coffee give-away was for new subscribers.  Thank you for being a subscriber,  I am always thankful for those that visit here.  :)  If you bring a new subscriber this way – I can send you a special package of coffee your way! 😉

  11. what a yummy smelling package!

  12. Oh dang, I missed out on this one.  But, thankful I get you in my Reader!

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