I Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Parent


 I have so much to learn.  About so many things.   Some days just seem to be easier than others.  You have days like this also? One thing I have learned?  That I don’t have to be perfect to parent. Why?  My God fills in my gaps, and even covers the areas where I think I […]


Can You Hear The Whisper? Visit Me While I am Away?

I pray and know I must go. I hold her hand and talk. Her eyes are closed and I can tell she is listening. I pray over her- and she turns her head towards my face. Eyes closed. I begin to cry. I pause. Holding her hand in the quiet. Her new husband is watching […]


Give Bad Behavior A “Name,” When Your Children Argue

country life 2

There were children arguing in my home this morning.  I was brushing my hair, and I could hear the argument begin.  I knew the details, I could hear their voices change in tone and volume, and I could predict the outcome. What was going through my mind?  Did I stomp into the living room, and […]


A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath… But…

Do your Children Fight and Argue – Part 2  Words – They have the power to claim the moment. Your children are learning this.   They listen. They learn. They repeat. Sit for a minute with me today – and really ponder the example your children have in their communication skills. Let’s be honest. Children have […]


They Fight Like Cats And Dogs

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“My children fight with each other all of the time.” “I don’t even know if my children love one another.” “They never get along”. “My children say such mean things to their siblings.” “Nothing I do seems to make a difference.” HELP! What you are reading are some of the most common words in my […]


I Can’t Wait For My Kids To Go Back To School – And Other Things Whiny Mom’s Say

    Have you become a WHINY Mom? Let’s face it – Some Mom’s Get Whiny.  It is like listening to a child when they are tired, uncomfortable, or being selfish.  No one likes wo listen to a whiner.   And it is a form of complaining. Every Summer – I hear some of the same […]


I Am Fine – Do You Know What This Really Means?

lydia ava

I ask my dear daughter if everything is ok. She replies that she is fine. This word – Fine. It tells a mom of a daughter so much. I am learning to SEE my daughters when they are weary and need rest. Would you visit me over here today, as I share what I am […]


Make Your Own Yogurt – And Love It!

Yogurt Making

Preparation for Homemade Yogurt!                                                                       Have you ever made yogurt, and not had it turn out? This is your chance to make […]


Because Being Real Is Important

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My Real-Life Mom Moment –  Because I don’t do “Pretend.” Perhaps you can relate. Who needs pretend?  My life is a swirling mass of life, decisions, messiness, and people. I live with a lot of people.  Little people, Big people, In-between people.  And not only do I live with them.. I take care of them.  All day, […]