Tightly Clenched Fists…

God has such a perfect plan for the trials in our lives. When we hang onto the pain, heart-ache, sadness and anger – our lives will be like the stalwart tree that refuses to lose its leaves in the fall. Independent, clinging to the very last bit of the pain, unyielding. Never bearing intended fruit. My knees bent daily – beginning with heart-ache and pain. I kept hearing – “Pursue me.” And I did.

My fists stayed clenched for so long. Afraid of more pain perhaps? Not willing to let the loss of my babies lives be thought of as something beautiful. How could that be?

Little by little, as I fell in grief and cried out to the Lord, my words became a conversation with my Heavenly Father. A conversation that turned into praise. My tightly clenched fists were now hands held high to the Heaven’s – Arms stretched out high – Palms wide open.

I was being made new. His strength was made perfect in my weakness.

It is here that I finish sharing this story of surrender and beauty.  Living in the Light – Allume Living.

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