Snack Time Challenge For Mom’s

Has snack time become torture at your home?  The quick demand to fill an empty, growling stomach, with something healthy – while attempting to keep them hungry for the next meal.

Mom Challenge #1 – Snack Time

This week, let’s work together to find some healthy snacks for our children.  Make this a to-do, and keep it rolling.

Between morning toddler snacks, and middlers after school hours, we have to be on our toe’s for Snack Time.

I will get us started.  Here are a few favorites of mine.  ( Who ever said snack’s have to be boring?)

Get creative, dress them up with some flair  – Toppers, containers, notes, color and FUN!

The “Old Stand-Bye” – Cookies and Milk – With Flair!

Source: via September on Pinterest

Source: via September on Pinterest

Be Inspired!  Inspire me… what are your Snack Time Secrets?  Will you Take this challenge and make snack time simple and fun?



  1. I saw these on pinterest the other day.Great ideas! I usually resort to ice cream…the thing is it’s not ice cream, but pureed bananas and frozen fruit (I have a yonana “ice cream” maker). The other thing we’ll have is cheese and nut thin crackers or fruit of some kind.

  2. Great ideas!  Just pinned them on my own snack board!

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