When I Say “No,” I Mean No ( most of the time)

Do you really mean what you say?

When we speak to our children, and we say “no, or come here please, or don’t touch that,” – do we really mean it?

Of course we mean it – sometimes.

The tired,weary melt-my heart moments – make this even more difficult.

You know what I mean?  You have seen this, and I am sure you have done this.  I do.

Our children are mis-behaving, we say” no.”  They pause, look briefly at our face, and continue.  We say “no, please don’t do that.”  They don’t pause this time, and keep moving.

When I say “no,” do I mean no?  

Parenting is hard enough, but when we take  consistency out of the picture, then it gets even harder.

This doesn’t mean perfection.  It is not saying there isn’t any grace, tenderness, or give.

What I have learned – my children are more apt to know what is expected of them when I am consistent.

Not causing them to wonder if Mommy REALLY means yes or no THIS time, but learns boundaries, obedience and happiness through consistent training.

Believe it or not – Our children crave structure and consistency.

So, when you say “no,” to your children – are they waiting for you to “cave,” or give them many repeated attempts at listening and obeying?

Follow through.  Loving, gently and guiding.  Don’t confuse them.

Does it seem easier to warn, caution or command, but never follow through and teach/train them?

 Perhaps you never realized that we might be confusing our children?

Be consistent.  You CAN do this.  


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    Mandy Hoffman
    September 18, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    I do mean what I say….but I find that “business” is the biggest challenge for me in this.  I say something but then I’m too busy to carry through…or to stop for the moment.  Great reminder!  Thanks!

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