Will They Carry The Torch?

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The hinge to my hope chest is becoming so worn, that when I open it, I favor one side over the other.  I find myself visiting these memories as my children are growing.  This will be their quiet place some day.

The neatly stacked treasures that I have memorized inside this legacy chest will be held in my children and grandchildren’s hands, and are an imprint on my own heart forever.

The words my children will find tucked away in journals, notebooks, and scribbled pieces of paper in moments of my life –  are here also.

Whether you blog, write in journals, or read words into your children’s hearts and minds – you are passing on a legacy.


Hop over here with me to read MY NEW DECISION about passing this torch on to my children.

I would love to see you over here today… such a place of beauty and inspiration.

MOD Squad

Will your children carry the torch?  How are you prompting them in this area?  Say hello at the MODsquad today  I will know you were there.


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