The Courage to Listen and Follow

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I will miss you.  I will miss writing.  I will be around, but not here. Yes, I am stepping away from writing at One September Day for a short time.   I will be checking in, and sharing my e-book with you,  ( which I would love for you to read and share.) Things will […]


Idols Of The Social Heart


  I love Pinterest!  I have a handful of nourishing blogs I add to my free-time list during the week, and I have facebook for my friends, family, and my e-book.  ( Have you seen my new book, by the way?) How about you?  Do you have social interests in this on-line world we live […]


Empty Arms Book Review and Giveaway

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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month, and this time is a reflection for many parents that are working through the loss of a baby, or remembering the special gifts that God gave them. My post, Birthdays with Empty Arms, allowed me to see how many of you share in this same journey.  My inbox […]


Birthdays With Empty Arms

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Every year that October 12 arrives, we celebrate the birthday of our daughter.  Our little girl.  Our baby.  She is 22 years old this year.  In Heaven.  I have seven daughters and three sons here on this earth to hold and to love.  I know what my daughter, Elisabeth would look like now.  Just like […]


For The Fun of It


It seems silly to write this post.  But, I am going to write –  for the fun of it!  Life can become so serious sometimes.  Do you agree? For crying out loud, just today, I walked into my laundry room to find a mountain of clean unfolded laundry.  I was happy it was clean.  Someone […]