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October 2012

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The Courage to Listen and Follow

I will miss you.  I will miss writing.  I will be around, but not here. Yes, I am stepping away from writing at One September Day for a short time.   I will be checking in, and sharing my…


Idols Of The Social Heart

  I love Pinterest!  I have a handful of nourishing blogs I add to my free-time list during the week, and I have facebook for my friends, family, and my e-book.  ( Have you seen my new book, by…

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Empty Arms Book Review and Giveaway

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month, and this time is a reflection for many parents that are working through the loss of a baby, or remembering the special gifts that God gave them. My post, Birthdays with Empty…

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Birthdays With Empty Arms

Every year that October 12 arrives, we celebrate the birthday of our daughter.  Our little girl.  Our baby.  She is 22 years old this year.  In Heaven.  I have seven daughters and three sons here on this earth to…


For The Fun of It

It seems silly to write this post.  But, I am going to write –  for the fun of it!  Life can become so serious sometimes.  Do you agree? For crying out loud, just today, I walked into my laundry…