31 Days Of Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I purpose to enjoy every opportunity that I can.  Here are some ideas that you can try in 31 days, to make every day full of fall fun!

1. Create a thankful tree for your home.  Your family will love this!

2. Try these Delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins!  Our family favorite!

3. Find a Hay Ride or Host one.  We do this every year and LOVE it!

4. Print off this fall bucket list, or create your own.  Post is where you can check it off.

5. Make caramel apples.

6. Pick apples at a local orchard.

7. Make applesauce, apple-butter, apple-pie filling, or just enjoy a crisp apple to eat!

8. Attend a local football game, and sip on this!

9. Make caramel corn – try this famously delicious recipe!

10. Try a new family photo outside. Enjoy the scenery.

11.Visit the nursing home residents regularly.

12. Make your own Pumpkin Latte’s at home.  Add whip cream for fun!

13.Wake up to pumpkin pancakes and syrup!

14. Press leaves and pull them out later to laminate. Beautiful!

15.Write someone a thank you note that has been forgotten.

16. Make your own mulled apple cider!

17. Try these new fall crafts with your kids!

18. Begin your Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse.

19. Make pumpkin pies and share one with a neighbor.

20. Carve pumpkins.

21. Visit a corn-maze and pumpkin patch.

22. Make your leaf piles and jump and play in them.

23. Rake leaves for the community or shut-ins.

24. Attend an outdoor concert, and take a picnic.

25. Start a new book.

26. Try a new chili recipe and invite friends over for a Chili Night!

27. Read the Thanksgiving Story.

28. Try a new Thanksgiving craft .

29 Decorate your table or mantle with fall banners or garland.  Make your own if you wish.

30. Buy a new candle for fall.  I love this one!

31. Make this adorable and sweet kids candy corn treat!

32. Craft this simple new napkin ring for all of your thanksgiving guests.

33. Set out these simple apple candles for beauty and aroma!

34. Simmer a new soup or stew for the family.  Serve it in a hollowed pumpkin for festivity.

35. Buy some fashionable fall brown boots, or new scarf.  Throw on a warm cardigan and visit a farmer’s market.

36. Arrange some pumpkins , gourds and garland to your doorstep.  Make your guests and family feel welcome.

37.Read through Proverbs and Psalms as family this fall.

38. Sip on these Apple Cider Floats!  ( is there a food trend going on here?)

39. Check out the stars some night as a family.  Blankets, hot cocoa, and a star chart will do.

40. Bake some bread, or a pot of soup for a new mother.

41. Pick grapes and steam into juice.  Make some jelly this year.  Great gifts!

42. Learn how to crochet some soft scarves.  There are easy kits for this.  Another great gift!

43. Run a family 5K or try one yourself.  It isn’t too late! Who said you have to run! :)

44. Begin a new prayer journal.

45. Bring out the classics!  Have a family night with some older movies and indoor smore’s!

46. Join the gym and beat the cool weather.  Set some new goals.

47. Sort through the summer/fall clothing and get organized before the cold weather hits.

48. Try some new meal plans.  ( and share them with me)  :)

49. Have coffee with a friend.  Or a cup of tea.  Take them a little gift.  A colorful mum or some indian corn.

50. Print off these fun fall worksheets for your kids!

51. My favorite – Roast your pumpkin seeds!  We do this every year.  A favorite!

52. Go to dinner with some friends.  It is cooler out now.. have fun inside too.

53. Decorate with cinnamon sticks.  Even around your candles they are perfect!

54. Serve your spouse breakfast in bed.

55. Slow down, spend more time as a family at home in the evenings and weekends.  Read through a book together.  Play games.

56. Get the last of your bike rides in now.  The kids will love all of the leaves they will ride through.

57. Did I mention all the ways you can make an Apple Pie?

58. Clear out your clutter and donate to good-will.

59. Teach your children to serve through Thanksgiving and all year around.

60. You have to try these and tell me how they are.  I am adding this to my list this year!

Feel free to print the Fall Fun List above.  Pin it and share with your friends.  Enjoy!

fall 014

What are some of your favorite fall fun things to do?  I will add them to my list!



  1. thanks for linking up my latte (item #12) and love your name!

  2. I love Fall too…All of these things are great ideas!  I have already done several of them…and I will do many of them real soon.

    God Bless!


  3. I LOVE fall!! Thanks for some great ideas!

  4. Fall is my favorite time of year! Tomorrow we’ll be going to a neighbor’s farm to pick out our pumpkins and corn stalks to decorate with.

  5. Whoa nelly, now that’s a list! We do the Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes in memory of our Faith, Grace, and Thomas each year. :) Your list kind of has me in the mood for fall…which doesn’t always happen. I would like to add to this list…cheer for the Cleveland Browns!! ;)  And, eat some of the famous Gerken chili while doing so!

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