A Free E-Book Giveaway!

Oh friends!  What excitement is brewing these days and around these “parts!”

And top of all things, my friend is giving YOU the opportunity to receive a FREE Copy of my E-book!  This is cause for celebration!

Brandy, at The Marathon Mom is such a kindred spirit.  She is a mom of to EIGHT sons, and lives such a beautiful life on-line and in “person.”  Her blog exudes goodness, like-minded principles of health, faith and homeschooling.  I love her spirit and was blessed to meet her this year and cuddle with her youngest , most adorable baby-on-the-earth!  What a blessing that was!


Stop over today, and leave her some kind words.  Browse around and discover her great recipes, health tips, and find that she lives real-life motherhood with grace!


OH!  And don’t forget to leave your name on the Free Ebook drawing of Hula-Hoop Girl!

Joy to the Word – The Lord has come!




  1. THis book sounds great! I often feel like I’m spinning hula hoops when my day doesn’t go as I planned and I feel “out of control.” 

  2. Melissa Duey says:

    I would love to read this book!  I haven’t ever heard of you, September, before today but you seem like perhaps a woman whose writing I would like to look into.

  3. Sounds great!

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