From One Mom Heart To Another

From One Mom To Another – I share this with you today : To Inspire, To Encourage, To Challenge, and because my heart is like yours – towards my children.

You see, I believe that God created mothers with the capacity to inspire greatness, build godly moral leaders who will take God’s kingdom to bear in every area of life–government, medicine, the arts, literature, the military–that it is the shaping of souls that determines greatness of a people and cultivates virtuous faith. ” – Sally Clarkson,  I Take Joy

Created and Shared with you by my friend – Sally Clarkson.

One Mom Heart to Another – Sally Clarkson from Allan Spiers on Vimeo.

Take Heart Mom’s …Let’s go into our New Year with support, determination and encouraging one another with this message.

If you are looking for a Support Group for Mom’s – You might want to check out this Mom Heart Group.  Open to any one.  Also, I would welcome you to visit here, and feel the true heart-beat spreading across our Nation for Mom’s.


How is your Mom Heart today?  


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