The Biggest Northeast News Today – For Moms!


 The Biggest Northeast News for Moms Today!

We have a Conference for YOU!  For ALL moms – Everywhere!

And the most exciting part is this – God is before us – in the middle – and carrying the whole vision to the finish line!

A Conference with a Vision to Inspire Moms to Hope. Embrace. Thrive.

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We Celebrate the Launch of A Conference created especially for YOU – every single one of my mom friends, and your mom friends, and more!

Go!  See – What the Lord is doing this very day and mark your calendars to join us in March of 2014!

For every single mom that has ever thought, “I cannot do this any more,” and in the next breath sighs, “what a beautiful thing motherhood is..”    This is for YOU!

Love you my friends!  After you take a peek, come back and let me know – Are you coming!  Yes?!

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  1. Kathy Sears says:

    So exciting, this really made my day! I had a hunch that was the big surprise :) What a wonderful team of women, I know the Lord will bless this event. I will be praying for you all :) And I can’t wait!

  2. Nellie Shines says:

    Wow! This is exciting! I have always wanted to attend a mom conference but they have been too far away. Thanks for bringing a conference to the North East!!!

  3. Gee willikers, September! Yay! So excited and yes(!!!!) I’m coming. At least, I hope :-)

    • septemberanne says:

      Kristina! I would love to see you at this conference! I received your DM and will be contacting you! Thanks for your encouragement! Hugs!

  4. Becky Daye says:

    Just had the opportunity to check this out and I am soooo excited!!!! Thrilled might be the right word. I will be praying about this and talking with my husband, but I think this is a distinct possibility for me and that just thrills my heart.
    Thank you for following this plan that God has laid on your heart, September! So excited!!!

  5. Celebrating with you today, September! I’ve already called my sister and asked her to join me! Woot!

  6. Jennifer Kindle says:

    So very exciting!!! what a team you have there….and that Sarah…beautiful girl with that fabulous hair. I’m super super excited. It’s so very far for me from Texas but maybe one day! Blessings as you guys prepare.

    • septemberanne says:

      Jennifer! Thank you for such sweet words and encouragement! I will be at the Declare Conference in August – Will you be there?

  7. I am so excited for you this ministry September! I am praying about how Isaac and I can help! Love to you and the family sister!

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