Not The Girl Next Door

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She is a stay-at-home mom. She has discovered the ability to schedule and organize while she homeschools her children; her home is beautiful, and her life seems so calm. She teaches Sunday school, makes her own bread, and even finds time to exercise daily.

Next door is a mom working outside of the home, while educating her children, running her family to extra-curricular activities, eating together as a family, and making meals for the neighbors: while she is on the town-board council.

On the other side of town lives a single woman, traveling, and living the life of her dreams. Serving the Lord in her community and abroad. She is soon to be married, and is taking classes and pursuing her hobbies at the same time. She is always full of life and joy.

Do you compare yourself to “the girl next door?”

When you compare, you may see all of the things in her life you want to accomplish, but have never had time to pursue.

Perhaps you feel the pressure by those who do everything you don’t do, and they just “don’t understand”  where you are in life Learning and knowing WHAT you can handle and WHEN is an integral part of becoming a woman of balance and direction.

Do your eyes only see the good in other’s lives that you wish for in your own?  The grass is always greener . . .

Every life has to have a balance. When you compare yourself to other women, you embrace discontent.  

Discontentment breeds a lack of focus and momentum. We begin to drift from our identities our goals, and our joy in serving. Not only that, but you are also sending God the message that when He created you He forgot something—that very something you are coveting in others.

We can learn from other women and apply good habits, skills, and character from them.
But to compare ourselves is to wish for their hula hoops, as well as to try and keep our own going.
This is not going to work.

1. Stop comparing. When you find yourself discussing other women and how glamorous or busy their life might be – STOP.

2. Rather than LOOKING at other women’s lives in envy or awe, watch and learn. We can learn from one another’s strengths AND weaknesses.

3. It is time to identify how much you can handle or take on in different seasons of your life.

4. Do you find yourself comparing your circumstances, personality, (in)abilities, or time to another person?

You are not the girl next door.  We are all uniquely created for an amazing purpose and plan.

Have you found yourself in this place of discontentment?
Have you figured out what has taken you down this path?


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    Christy Fitzwater
    May 3, 2013 at 8:44 am

    This is very encouraging to me today. Thank you!

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    May 3, 2013 at 9:33 am

    I like the book 31 days to clean

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