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Happy Monday!  I am jumping into July with excitement and a great list of My Favorite Things to share with you!

Every summer I look out my kitchen window and see the Elderberry bushes blossom into tiny berries that I know will make a delicious addition to my canning shelves.  Some years we run out of time to pick and other family members will enjoy the same delicious reward of the tedious task of picking those tiny berries.  But, most generally, my son will end up suiting up for the hot job, and steaming quart after quart of delicious elderberry juice.

We can the steamed juice and save for a later date, when I have more time to turn the juice into jelly and elderberry tinctures.

Today, I share the recipe that was handed to me through family, and we have been using it for years.  We LOVE this jelly on our toast and sandwiches.

Try something new this summer, and search out some elderberry bushes, and steam your own juice for jelly.  It is a commodity for sure!   Find our family Elderberry Jelly recipe below and print for your own summer kitchen fun!

elderberry jelly

(photo image)

Celebrate July with prayer and patriotism!

Summer is a great time to practice the pledges with your children and remind them of the importance of prayer for our country.  You can print the pledges for practice this July here.

pledges home

Mason Jar Madness!

After a warm summer walk, I head straight to my kitchen and fill my favorite cold mason jar with iced lemon water!  We use mason jars for everything – from canning to table glasses.  They are one of my absolute favorite things!  Check out some of my favorite mason jar uses here!

mason jars

And to add to the mason jar fun … Check out these sweeeet deco lids!  Love these from Bloom Designs Online!

Mason Jar Lids mason jar lids 2

July is here!  What are YOUR favorite things for celebrating summer!?

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