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After a long and glorious weekend with family, I am celebrating this Monday sharing a few of my favorite things!

I am loving the ideas and your links that take me to your favorite things.  Spread the word and inspire others!

Here we go friends!

Treasure maps, compass readings and hints or clues that take you all over your area and into the deep mysteries of treasures and keepsakes – GeoCacheing!

Our family has taken a shine to this sport of adventure – made easy or challenging – your choice!  We spent our weekend following coordinates, searching in towns, cemeteries, the woods and the town buildings for a capsule with treasures!  A true spirit of adventure and patience is what you need, and off you will go!  Looking for more information on this great activity for families – read more here













Summer and fall in our area are harvest season!  Every year the children and I happily pick buckets of delicious blueberries for freezing, eating, and preserving.  We tend to fill our bellies with sweet deliciousness before using our berries for any other purpose.  We make pies, syrup for our pancakes, and jelly.













What are a few of your favorite things? Link up or comment here every Monday!






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