It’s Here! {the Ultimate Healthy Living eBundle}

The Ultimate Healthy Living eBundle is here!

I’m excited about this year’s bundle. It is chock full of great books that cover all aspects  of healthy living, not just what you cook in your kitchen. There’s great books on fitness & diet, yes. But there’s also great books on combating depression, finding order in your life, and how to embrace sustainable living.

Here’s a peek at what you get:

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(click here to see a list of all the titles, plus lots of info about the rest of the bundle)

It’s one of those bundles that truly has something in it for each of us to enjoy and learn from. And the price is, once again, phenominal.

If you added up all the prices of each book and bonus, you’d be pay around $1000. Thanks to the wonderful authors and planners of the sale, this week you can get all of this for less than $30. It’ll cost you just $29.97

This is so exciting. The Coffee Table conversations are such a great addition to an eBundle like this! Being able to get to know and ask questions of women who have been there is such a huge blessing and opportunity. What a great chance to learn even more about healthy living!

What do you think? Doesn’t this bundle look great?

You’ll want to click over here to read the entire list of what you’ll be getting, plus the FAQs will help to answer any questions on how this works or what all is involved.

These make great gifts, and I promise you that these books and bonuses are really worth it!

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