Your Family Will Be The Hands And Feet Of Your Words

If you had one year to invest, write and proclaim a message…What would you say?  Who would you invest your message into?


I know there is a burning message on your heart today.  Every one has “something” that propels them forward.  “Any mission begins with a heart-vision.”

Often busy with the needs and cares in life, we have pushed aside the vision in our hearts, because we have convinced ourselves that we “are just a mom.”

God DID give you this mission.  Motherhood in all of its unrelenting responsibility can sometimes disguise and redirect us to forget that while carrying out this mission, we are also planting seeds in the hearts of our children.

Stepping back from the sippy cups, sleepless nights, music lessons, and school work – let us ask ourselves, ” Are we Raising Light-bearers?”

Are we speaking truth in our actions AND our words?

What are the messages we are giving our children while we pray for others?  Will they understand that we are baking bread for the neighbor to shine a light for Jesus?  When do they see us living the verses we ask them to memorize?

“Your family will be the hands and feet of your words.”

 How can you raise a child that is sold out for Christ and His Kingdom Work?  How do you  instill values you know will replicate into a Light bearer?

“Every family has a unique message and mission.”   It is not a mistake that God gave you a message AND a family.  Perhaps it is time to consider how your family can make this a mission – Together?

     What IS your family story?

A challenge from my heart to yours.  Consider your heart-vision.  Consider your family. Together, sit and write out your own family mission statement.  You are the beginning of a revolution for the next generation.

Here is a sample of our family Mission Statement.  Pull your family together over the Thanksgiving holiday, and write down your visions – together.

The McCarthy Family mission

Write your Family Mission Statement for the coming year.  Let it not be lost on the distractions and motherhood days – for this is part of what he has called us to moms – Raising Kingdom Workers and Light bearers.

Would you give me a peek into your heart today?  What vision has God set on fire within you, and it is just burning to spread? Adoption, Infertility messages of hope, Homeless, missions, single moms, health and fitness, teens?



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    Stephanie Kay
    November 13, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Great questions! I can see several pieces of God’s vision for our family — His strength is made obvious in our weaknesses, abundant life has nothing to do with money and stuff, creating home requires intentional choices. Not sure how he’s putting it all together, but next year should be interesting!

  • Reply
    November 14, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    Thank you for writing this. The passion that God has placed on my heart is to get involved in the fight to stop human trafficking. For awhile I wondered how I could mesh this desire with my call to Motherhood. But you’ve given me an idea and now I’m going to run with it. Just because there are details that my children don’t need to know, doesn’t mean that they can’t pray with me for those who are enslaved. If I can light a fire in their hearts to breathe value into other’s lives, then maybe one day they’ll be the freedom fighters.

    • Reply
      November 14, 2013 at 10:21 pm

      Amen Danielle! I was so excited to read that you will not let your heart vision pass with out breathing its life into your children. Prayer, values and freedom awareness will be the tools and message they can carry into the word for Jesus! Praise the Lord. Thank you for sharing this with me.

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