Thanks and Giving

Thanks Giving

A hyphen separated the two words, written in blue white board marker.

Thanks – Giving.  Two columns, I told the children.  Make two columns and copy those words onto your paper.

The first column was easier for them to write out in rapid pencil strokes.  Thanks.  I watched their lips pursed and their thinking caps roll out the words detailing all that they are thankful for.

Pencils down.  We take a break.   When we begin fill out our second columns, try not to list necessarily all tangible things or items that you will be giving.  Be sincere with your thoughts, your decisions on how to GIVE with your actions and your words.

Pause.  The pencils lay on point down for a few seconds.  Slowly the work begins.  A few comments from the little babes about giving away their baby dolls, and a remark for the boy in the middle – I can put grocery carts away at the store.

Now we are getting to that place. Beyond thanks, to the grit of giving and being thankful in this as well.

The columns are slowly filling in.

Dreams of giving, sacrifice, acts of service and prayers for bounty into others lives begin to fill our home with chatter and excitement.

Give them a nudge, foster it, strengthen it, and let the light of thanks and giving shine through your family this year.

What will be on your thanks and giving lists in the next few weeks?

Giving and Thanks 3

A  printable download of Giving and Thanks


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