Progressive Parenting – Get Out Of The Comfy Chair


What DO we do when an older child, who has been trained in our home, requires some “correction?”

We didn’t send her to the corner.  And we didn’t send her to her room.  In fact, we didn’t really do any….thing… for a while, because we had to figure this one out as parents before we handled it foolishly ourselves.

Knowing something is coming will not 100%  prepare you for the emotional reactions we will have when our children grow older, bigger, wiser.  I need to be growing and learning and building my relationship with God and with my child.

We then step beyond first time obedience, a slap on the hand for foolish behavior, or an emotional reaction that we will regret later.

What does progressive parenting look like?  Humility.  The reactions and the respect we learn to have in return and the response in our parenting is not lost on them as they continue to grow and change.

Change. Get out of the comfy chair.  

Read more about growing in wisdom while our children grow in stature here – For the Family

Where I grow to see how I can learn and listen  – even when instructing my children.

Why We Don’t Send Our 17 Year Old To The Corner


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    April 5, 2014 at 8:00 am

    A great words of wisdom. We must think twice before correcting their mistakes.

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