A Mother’s Monday Prayer (and a simple plea to go easy on yourself)

If the weather hadn’t warmed up to a grand 29 degrees on that Sabbath morning, I would have stayed right under the warm ivory down comforter with my builder. But, temperatures like this have been nill in these parts for weeks, and it felt like spring on my face when we loaded the van for the Sunday drive to church.

I knew Monday was coming.  It is the first thing I think about when I wake up on Sundays. That and a cup of black tea with whipping cream to sweeten the brew.  After the largest ham was set in the roaster and the ten pounds of red potatoes were peeled and set to simmer until we arrived home from services, the day was set into motion, and my thoughts for Monday were lost on the morning.



He can read my mind and cut straight to the heart of my thoughts on this Sunday sunrise.  He whispered that he would watch out for me this day.  That he was home and not to worry too much about the details and the family, but to enjoy the day, for Monday would be here soon enough.

When he presses his lips upon my forehead, I always linger there.  It is more than a kiss.  It is a hold on my heart. He will stay there until he feels me breathe again, letting out the mental planning and the preparing of the Sabbath and allowing God’s design for marriage and the unity in holding life sacred before any thing else happens in a day.

When I wake up Sunday thinking about Monday, I realize that I left God right out of the deal.

Out of the planning and the knowing and the calming.

Each day has cares of its own. Don’t worry for tomorrow.  And we rise for our full of life Sunday gathering day.

Carrying stacks of Bibles in one arm and a coffee in the other, we head out the door to worship, and I realize that my heart is just as heavy as my arms are full, and I have done it again.

I have stepped outside the circle of faith that God entrusted to me.  I tried making that circle wider, bigger. I thought that thinking ahead would save me the worry.

Sundays are not for stress, but for a sabbath soul reset.  I don’t want to miss the miracle of today.


Mondays are for new starts and finishes.

As we step out of our beds on this new Monday, and begin to feel the pressure we have put upon ourselves to finish well, may we remember to go easy on ourselves.

We can always say no.

We never have to worry about tomorrow.

We shall be covered in grace when we abide in His presence.

And beginning a Monday without a prayer for the end, will leave us floundering and fuming that we stepped into our old ways and got lost in our own devices. Again and again.

There is hope.

A Prayer for Our Monday

I am closing my eyes to the clutter and my mind to the distractions today Lord.  You have a purpose for this Monday.  To show me a new way of doing your will and not my way.  I pray that I will not get in the way of the very best you have for the 24 hours I have today.  I want to begin with a smile and lungs full of praise for you.  May my family see You in me today.  In the next few seconds, minutes, hours….Whatever may happen, I pray that I will receive it well.

 Will you open my eyes to the gifts that you planted for me today, and may I be a gift, a giver and a true reflection of your amazing grace today.  This Monday, Lord, it might be hard for me to remember the good.  I am begging, pleading that you will keep my eyes on you.  Before I begin to think about tomorrow, I pray that I will remember you in my today.  My Monday is for you dear Jesus.  Here we go.  Thank you for going ahead of me.  I am following.

In Jesus Name we go forth.


Go easy on yourself mama.  You don’t want to miss the miracles in your Monday.




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    February 9, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Exactly what I needed today! Thank you, September!

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