When Media Abandons You (and you’re left with the Truth)

“I don’t want to talk about it. Can I leave the room?”

 A topic that is all the buzz around the globe and was brought before my teens this week by sources that I didn’t see coming.

I wasn’t fooled.  She wasn’t bothered by the disturbing topics, the twisted view of a morality or the consuming reports on social media.

She was upset about something deeper.  And now, as a parent I am praying that I will get this one right.

Should I act like I am upset or pretend that I don’t care at the careless words flung into the air?

I know she doesn’t mean it.  It is like me telling my husband I am fine.  When, I’m not.  And walking away frustrates me more than him asking what is really wrong.

The careful boundaries and open communication we have worked so hard on this home, has now been invaded with a media bash on sexuality, temptation, and shame.

Hello media world, not everyone believes what you are saying, but I share my words here just like you do, and I will not drop the exploited choices into my children’s laps, but I will face them head on.  Heart to heart.

You have lowered the bar of morality in the world again and the ripple effect it will have on this generation will stop at my door.

Your words are not allowed here, and your choices will not be ignored, but addressed. Yesterday.

I am left with realizing again, that I must reinforce the beauty my daughter’s have inside and out, and the biblical manhood my boys were raised with. 

Culture tells us that womanhood is defined by our sexuality.  And today, we are hearing, even that is not enough.  That the bar must be raised higher and the level of perversion has shaken the media into a moral crisis.

What are we left with?  Take away the media, the lies and the ratings and discussions over a topic that is just the fringe of what they are feeding us every day, and what do we have?

The Truth. Which has been with us from the very beginning.

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And so, for hours this week, we have taken great lengths to look into the mirror with our girls, and into the heart of the matter. 

Their womanhood, their beauty and the truth about sexuality, identity and choices.

We never had to visit the media to have this discussion.  An explosive topic about a twisted view on sexuality, relationships, and “love,” didn’t need to surface for us to reach the hearts of those in our home.

Their eyes had been averted before this moral uprising.  Their hearts guided to a moral compass beyond the confines of a facebook explosion, a movie, a book or a group of young people that might be discussing one immoral choice.

When you feel the media has abandoned you, your children and the walls of your home, remember the Truth that will set you free.

Parents, set the moral compass of your home, your hearts and those of your children BEFORE they are confronted with choices and discussions on topics.

The Truth will set them free. From the very beginning.

Thank you media for proving to my children exactly what you were created to be. A distraction from the truth and whatsoever is pure.

May our eyes be turned back to our homes and guarding the hearts and gates of our families.


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