Quiet, Broken Places

“Pick up your cross. It’s the only way you or any one else can know a resurrection. Carry your cross so this carrying of pain makes love. It is never the cross you carry, but your reisitance to the cross, that makes it a burden.”   ~ Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way

I have discovered a strange and quiet place in my soul, where I have locked up the words that use to flow quite freely.

The stirring in me to speak them, often fights against the voice that tells me to keep quiet and everyone has their own broken places to mend.  It is not about me.

It is such a strong aversion I have to attention.  I have grown to detest it.  Woe is me.  Look at me.  Hear me.  Know me more.  And the tag on the end.. Pray for me.

There are two ways to look at brokenness.  The root can take a turn in our hearts if we are not careful.

The ugly of brokenness rears it’s head to me when it becomes all about the person.  I grew up knowing the burdens and affects of brokenness on an individual and watched it rip apart a joy-filled spirit as its roots took the path of bitterness.

Or, it can be still our souls and fill our empty places until we are so full of the answer that it cannot be contained any more.  The abundance of giving back to the ONE that heals those places and we have not claimed them as our own.



Pride can flaunt brokenness as a banner for attention and pity.

I choose Him.  I choose the Abundant Life.

But, this spirit of fear continued to seize my spirit and has kept me from sharing those broken places.

Was it not the right time?

Would it seem like a “vying for attention?”

Is it too much to share?

Would others see me as a complainer?


Pride can hold brokenness so tight that it destroys from the inside out.

But now, I am choosing to let brokenness heal me from the inside out.


For two years, I have bottled up tears and desperate prayers for deep crevices and broken places in my life.  I looked in the mirror this week and could see the imprint of holding onto other’s pain and wanted to wipe it clean from my eyes.  Every time someone looked me in the eyes that day, I know they felt pity for the haunting exhaustion that they were bearing witness to.

And that aversion to pity?  It reared it’s strength and challenged me to let the words overflow in abundance so that others may know of the good and glorious work He has done in my life for the last two years.


I want you to know this one thing today.  I will wring out my words and my broken places here. Not to lay them in your lap, or for you to feel pity. I will pour out His grace and truth in which He has brought me through narrow crevices and tight places, with an amazing awe at His Way.  The Broken Way.

My deep-soul friend, Ann, has launched her new book and her heart words into our hands and homes today. The Broken Way, A Daring Path Into the Abundant Life will transform your brokenness into fullness.  God is all about using our broken stories for His glory. She writes truth from the Truth and it will set you free.

Will you read along with me?  Her words and THE WORD.  It has the power to set us free and for His blessings to be poured out and cracked open. Together.

Join me?  Order your copy today and we will begin the daring path together.



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  • Reply
    Teresa Glenn
    October 27, 2016 at 10:36 am

    Beautiful words reveal your humble heart. Thank you. Love your writing voice, September. I look forward to getting this book!

  • Reply
    Elizabeth Anne
    October 27, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    I have kept my brokenness silent for more than a decade because how can you share it when sharing it would tear down someone else? Plus pride…of course. Now I am so broken I can’t hide it any longer…it has started leaking out…and I feel like the little Dutch boy trying to keep the dyke from bursting and drowning me and everyone else around me.

    The LORD is working, however, and your post is just another sweet evidence of that. Thank you for writing it just for me. 🙂

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