Dear Dreamer of Mine (the day is almost here!)

My youngest little girl came to my bedside this morning, with her brown hair all wild from overnight braids.
Her rosy cheeks from sleeping were smiling full and she had excitement in here eyes.
I was half asleep. Was the sun even up?

She mumbled something so fast, I had to ask her to repeat.
“It’s almost the day!” 
She said it again, but this time with more.
My calendar said it almost the day!!!
Mommy, I marked my calendar for Friday, September 1st.
I wrote, “My mom’s book releases!”
She is wiggling with excitement and she hugs me.
I am checking off the days mommy!!
It is almost here!

She steps back and looks me in the eyes.
She is so close.
I love you mommy. I am so excited to celebrate. Can you believe it?!

She is a bright eyes dreamer, this girl. It is contagious.

Dear youngest child of mine, I celebrate you and your amazing gift to know what matters and when. I thank God I can be your mama and that you celebrate me as your mama and dreamer.

We are dreamers. You and I.

I tend to be the quiet dreamer. Not wanting to draw attention to myself or to shout out to the world what a big deal this really is. To birth another dream into the world at the age of 46.
You are right.
We are going to celebrate.

But, the most amazing this about this big day?
Friday, September 1st.
I have been thinking that I am your biggest fan. Me, your mama, cheering you on.
But, YOU!
You are MY biggest fan and your amazing ability to celebrate with and FOR me, has just given me more courage to tell the world that this is kinda a big deal.

So, we countdown together.
We build momentum
We ask others to share.
We leave reviews everywhere.
We post and we share and we tell.
But, more importantly…
We thank the Lord for birthing another dream into this world.
Only God.
He will do exactly what He wants with this book.

In the meantime?
Countdown with US?
Leave your reviews? Oh, this is SO, so important.
Share our excitement and share your book pictures.

And because your review is SO important.. here is a little help to get you there:

Barnes & Noble:
Books a Million:

Also, head over here, grab your coffee or tea and enjoy Part 1 of my Interview and Podcast with Heidi St. John about {Why} Motherhood Matters!

Here we go!!

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