You Would Never Know, But It is Time That I Told You

If there is one wise thing I have learned over the years, (and I mean the hard way,) it would be this:

Words do not always need to be spoken or shared.

When you are a verbal processor (as I am) you tend to work through your problems, your thoughts and your emotions out loud, with people and sometimes… Well, sometimes it is not wanted, necessary and needed.

I learned the hard way.

And so, I began to keep my words hidden. To myself and from the world. Which left me lonely and filled with words and thoughts I couldn’t share.

But, God. He lets me talk to Him and share with Him. He takes my words and sifts them through HIS Word and shows me clearly what I need.

A few years ago, a literary agent approached me to write a book. I told her no.

You must think I am crazy.

She gave me time to think over this and I told her no, again.

It goes like this for my life. I am not chasing fame, fortune or a platform. The lessons I learned about sharing my words made a deep impact on my choices. And writing a book was not on my radar for that season of my life.

I couldn’t step into something that I knew God had not called me to. Yet.

But it wasn’t just that I was holding back my words for such a time as this. I was allowing God to mold me even more and teach me His ways in this arena of motherhood.

It was this. The other thing.

The thing you would never know, but it is time that I told you.

My life has been stung with rejection and it left a very, very tender spot in my heart.

So, how does a woman that is sifting words and waiting on the Lord for His timing to share them and lives with a deep wound of rejection, allow her very life in words be released to the world?

Say YES.

I said YES to healing.

I said YES to forgiveness.

I said YES to listening.

I said YES to writing my story.

I said YES to my agent.

I said YES to believing that generations do NOT have to broken in two by words.

I said YES to giving myself permission to dream again.

{Why} Motherhood Matters is not just a book ON motherhood. It is a book filled with vulnerability, honesty and hope for every woman in every season.

If there was ever a time to say to making a difference and allowing my words to grip the hearts of others and to make an imprint, it is NOW.

It is my earnest heart prayer for every person passing this book on the shelf, to be nudged to believe this message and to say YES to their own {Why}.

Perhaps you are waiting on someone or something to give you hope that what you are doing matters?

Perhaps you are walking in hurt or pain and cannot seem to find your way past it?

Or, perhaps you are a woman with a mother’s heart? Nurturing, loving and mentoring, but not sure you are making a difference?

I would love to share my words with you. There is vulnerability in brave, but it is here and it is available for you to hold and to take heart as {Why} Motherhood Matters is released to the world this week.

You can find your own copy here or in the stores across the country.

Click here to buy on-line: {Why} Motherhood Matters

Stay tuned this week, as I share more of this story and host giveaways in celebration of the Big Launch Week! You will not want to miss the surprises!!!

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