Motherhood Will Disappoint You If….

Today, I took a long and very deep sleep nap. I don’t think I have slept like this since my last baby was born. Six years ago. When motherhood seemed so desperate to find time for a little rest and wondering if the last of the ten babies I raised here on this earth would ever sleep through the night.

And now, it is a book that has kept me awake hours of the nights, for the last two years.

It is yours now.

For God and all of you mamas. Younger, older and in between.

Read while you are awake at night.

Read when you are walking through loss.

Read when your marriage has taken second seat.

Read when you are a grandma and you are wondering what in the world is your loving space.

Read when you are lonely and when you are expectant for more.

Read when you are sick and tired of comparing your motherhood.

Read when you need someone to tell you what to do. Just tell me what to do somedays.

Read when you feel you have messed up. When you feel you missed out.

Read when you are in need a purpose and not just a pause button.

I can tell you one thing right here and now.

More purpose and more rest for your future is what I hope you will read.

Find {Why} Motherhood Matters at your local bookstore, on-line just about anywhere.

I would love to know you are reading and trying to rest with me.




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