Give Your Child Every Thing They Want (and the world will lose the gift of gratitude)


Straight up from the toaster and onto the delicate plate.  Two slices of bread, buttered to the edges and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  An even dusting across the top and then neatly stacked to line up the edges.  This is where we would get fancy. As fancy as cinnamon toast goes. With careful and […]


31 Days Of Fall Fun

Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I purpose to enjoy every opportunity that I can.  Here are some ideas that you can try in 31 days, to make every day full of fall fun! 1. Create a thankful tree for your home.  Your family will love this! 2. Try these Delicious Pumpkin […]


For All Of The Firsts We Will Live This Week (and in our hearts forever)

IMG_3923 copy

Bending low to weave her top button through her knit sweater and brushing the wisps of honey hair from her forehead brought me into a fast break to reality. This is her first year of Kindergarten.  And the freckles that spot her cheekbones, spreading wide into smiles for me every single day, remind me to […]


How To Hold Onto Your Love When The World Isn’t Slowing Down

Declare Photo of Dan and I

He flips a coin.  Heads, I hold your hand. Tails, I don’t. Twenty-six years ago, we walked the steep hill in my parents backyard in a courtship of new love. Every year that brushes past us tries to pull us apart with schedules, work, children and busy, busy lives. The coin landed.  Heads.  This man […]


Easter Celebrations


Easter is right around the corner… and Our Family will Celebrate Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection. Our family would love to share all of our favorite traditions and resources to help bring the true meaning of Easter to you and your family. A Sense of the Resurrection: an Easter Experience for Families is a new and […]


Keep It Simple Summer Fun


I am a strong advocate for simple summer fun.   The other day I was reminded of a recipe that we have used for years for a simple solution to summer fun. The “Secret Ingredient” makes the biggest, strongest, child-happy bubbles you have ever seen! Just click PRINT below to grab the three simple ingredients […]


Hello Handshake, My Name Is Love

FB Family collage

One quarter of a century seems like a very long time.  Until you have lived it with one person and then it all seems so surreal. Who knew that a handshake at the beginning of a blind-date would introduce me to this thing called love. Meeting the young fella man that is my steady on […]


DIY Tutorial For Your Own Resurrection Eggs

Plastic eggs

We have been telling the Easter Story to our Children from the time our oldest was a wee babe – Using Our Home-Made Resurrection Eggs… and today – I am going to show you how to create your own! Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs All you will need is: An Egg Carton 12 Plastic Eggs […]


Will They Carry The Torch?


Photo Credit The hinge to my hope chest is becoming so worn, that when I open it, I favor one side over the other.  I find myself visiting these memories as my children are growing.  This will be their quiet place some day. The neatly stacked treasures that I have memorized inside this legacy chest […]


Daily Devo’s With Mom – The Series

When I wrote this post – My Husband Just Can’t Get It Right –  Your Response was overwhelming and spoke to me in volumes. Bottom line – We all need this Series!  HOW do we have Daily Devotions with our children? This is a perfect place to begin – Slow and Steady. I look at our […]