The Unspoken-It’s In The Little Things (repost)

Bundle Shelf Motherhood

My legs were so stiff from trying my new exercise video,, but I knew that this walk at the park in the morning hours would help stretch the muscles that seemed so tightly bound.  Three laps I promised myself.  As my usual self – my pace was fast and I was determined to make the […]


Progressive Parenting – Get Out Of The Comfy Chair


What DO we do when an older child, who has been trained in our home, requires some “correction?” We didn’t send her to the corner.  And we didn’t send her to her room.  In fact, we didn’t really do any….thing… for a while, because we had to figure this one out as parents before we […]


What Does Your Wall Look Like?


A newly painted wall does not hold its beauty for a very long time in this home. Fingerprints and scratches, fresh handwritten names in capital letters from the kindergartener births the recognition that a family lives within these walls.  And that is the beauty in it. Just yesterday, I came down the steps to see […]


7 Things Your Children Need To Hear You Say

sam outside

Often overlooked, and somewhat under-rated. Speaking simple words to their heart.  Perhaps a little uncomfortable if you have never done this. Speak to their hearts – from the depths of your own. Our children cannot read our minds.  It is time to speak up. 7 Things Your Children Need To Hear You Say:   1. […]


The Get-Down And Get-Real Women In Your Life

Dandelion Mug

Wouldn’t it just beat all if…someone came to your home to just sit, help, or listen. They didn’t need any thing or come with a schedule.  They just were there.  For you. Right smack dab in the middle of standing in the middle of a mountain of laundry, a sink full of dishes, 10 children […]


Fumbling and Floundering

audrey writing

Almost all of my God moments – are when I am fumbling and floundering.  It is not a pretty sight.  In many ways. I have been parenting for 21 years, and I am so far from getting it right.  But, this month has taught me something I have never quite discovered in motherhood before.  Maybe […]


How To Inspire Your Children To Do Hard Things

nina wall 1

I can’t. How many times have you heard this as a mom?  It could be from eating their vegetables, to saying hello to a new person,  completing a chore, or schoolwork. Can’t – the universal code for kids to display their lack of perseverance and effort. A pivotal point in a parents conscience – to […]


For All Moms – Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday

I remember when I had one child, and the days seemed to be over much too quickly.  When I was more youthful and had more energy to raise my little one and still stay up past his bed time – like an adult. I remember when I had three children.  I began reading books, and […]


Character Counts – Our Family Favorite Character Education


“I will look at people when they speak to me.” “I will ask questions that I don’t understand.” “I will sit or stand up straight.” “I will not draw attention to myself” “I will keep my eyes, ears, hands, feet and mouth free from distractions.”                     […]


Who Needs Another Mommy Blogger?

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I have been blogging for four years.  I have been a mom for 21 years.  I can remember the moment each and every one of my babies were born.  Like it was yesterday.  And I knew those moments would be the beginning of change for the rest of my life. I can also remember the […]