Your Calling Is To Be Present In Your Story

We were seated in the middle of a couple hundred folding chairs, under high ceilings built together with wooden beams, with windows opened around the perimeter to let the summer breeze bring any refreshment it could afford. My friends were on the stage in front of me, playing their instruments and singing to the Lord. […]


How To Hold Onto Your Love When The World Isn’t Slowing Down

Declare Photo of Dan and I

He flips a coin.  Heads, I hold your hand. Tails, I don’t. Twenty-six years ago, we walked the steep hill in my parents backyard in a courtship of new love. Every year that brushes past us tries to pull us apart with schedules, work, children and busy, busy lives. The coin landed.  Heads.  This man […]


Progressive Parenting – Get Out Of The Comfy Chair


What DO we do when an older child, who has been trained in our home, requires some “correction?” We didn’t send her to the corner.  And we didn’t send her to her room.  In fact, we didn’t really do any….thing… for a while, because we had to figure this one out as parents before we […]


What Does Your Wall Look Like?


A newly painted wall does not hold its beauty for a very long time in this home. Fingerprints and scratches, fresh handwritten names in capital letters from the kindergartener births the recognition that a family lives within these walls.  And that is the beauty in it. Just yesterday, I came down the steps to see […]


Falling In Love With Your Spouse (all over again)


The silence was so thick, it pressed on my heart like a vice.  I would sit at the dinner table and inwardly fume at all of the imperfections I felt were looming in the man at the head of our table.  Hearing him rise and leave in the morning turned to relief for me, giving my […]


Daring To Discover The “Me In Motherhood”

Me in Motherhood

The reality is – there is this struggle in allowing yourself room to breathe. Who is that woman in the mirror today?  Are her thoughts even seeing the beauty God has given her, or the gifts that peek out at her day to day? The tasks and to-do’s can take over the brain as simply […]


What Brings Out the Worst In Me…

Family_Photos_344 (1)

Oh, how my “moods” change like a flash of lightning!  On the inside.  I will do my best to keep the outward display of frustration or discouragement inside, and sometimes it is like a slow simmer. But, you know THOSE people, or THOSE things that can bring out the worst in you? This is where […]


The Apology That Broke Down Walls

Boy shuts brother's mouth by palm over dark background

                  This week I wrote  a post on taming the tongue for the Mom Heart site.  I uploaded the post, went to bed thinking about the years we have been teaching our children to think before they speak and the power the tongue has in our lives […]


The Get-Down And Get-Real Women In Your Life

Dandelion Mug

Wouldn’t it just beat all if…someone came to your home to just sit, help, or listen. They didn’t need any thing or come with a schedule.  They just were there.  For you. Right smack dab in the middle of standing in the middle of a mountain of laundry, a sink full of dishes, 10 children […]


Not The Girl Next Door

Hula Hoop Girl 260

She is a stay-at-home mom. She has discovered the ability to schedule and organize while she homeschools her children; her home is beautiful, and her life seems so calm. She teaches Sunday school, makes her own bread, and even finds time to exercise daily. Next door is a mom working outside of the home, while educating her […]