Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Small Stuff

My shirt was inside out through the entire visit with the ballet moms on the waiting bench.  While on a Target run after ballet, and through a speedy – in- store chat with someone who recognized me, and then while zipping through the check-out. It wasn’t until my weary body could stand not one minute […]


Dazzle Your Summer Sweet Tooth!!


  What is on your summer picnic menu this weekend?   Feel free to share a link or your favorite recipe here!


For All Moms – Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday

I remember when I had one child, and the days seemed to be over much too quickly.  When I was more youthful and had more energy to raise my little one and still stay up past his bed time – like an adult. I remember when I had three children.  I began reading books, and […]


Who Needs Another Mommy Blogger?

momheart pic

I have been blogging for four years.  I have been a mom for 21 years.  I can remember the moment each and every one of my babies were born.  Like it was yesterday.  And I knew those moments would be the beginning of change for the rest of my life. I can also remember the […]


The Courage to Listen and Follow

Hula Hoop Girl 3D 300

I will miss you.  I will miss writing.  I will be around, but not here. Yes, I am stepping away from writing at One September Day for a short time.   I will be checking in, and sharing my e-book with you,  ( which I would love for you to read and share.) Things will […]


For The Fun of It


It seems silly to write this post.  But, I am going to write –  for the fun of it!  Life can become so serious sometimes.  Do you agree? For crying out loud, just today, I walked into my laundry room to find a mountain of clean unfolded laundry.  I was happy it was clean.  Someone […]


Snack Time Challenge For Mom’s

Has snack time become torture at your home?  The quick demand to fill an empty, growling stomach, with something healthy – while attempting to keep them hungry for the next meal. Mom Challenge #1 – Snack Time This week, let’s work together to find some healthy snacks for our children.  Make this a to-do, and […]


Your Story Is Important To Me


May I interrupt this Series (Canning & Preserving), to speak from my heart to yours? This week has brought me unexpected turns and delays in my writing.  And, I am so grateful for that.  While rocking my sick baby for days on the porch, and walking her through the night, I have been thinking…and praying. […]


Just Sayin’…

Need some perspective right now perhaps? I can help… Life these days is all but normal..and because I blog..well,Thus…I will share! So, life after a newborn is all BUT glamorous! ~I now pack a change of clothes for me AND the baby when we leave the house…~I catch a glimpse of my skinny  after-baby profile as we […]



Yep…   Ten (10) children later, and all of the romanticism of newborns has still taken hold. ~Am I enjoying the colicky baby that I have this time?~Am I loving the lack of sleep and slumber,, the cranky moods that I find myself in just about every day?~Does my housework seem to be left by […]