To The Single Mom, You Are Amazing


She is living next door to you and you may not know, but she is one of the most brave, lonely and courageous woman I have ever known.  She tills the soil day in and day out and doesn’t always have someone to lean on and into when she is weary to the bone. Some […]


What Does Your Wall Look Like?


A newly painted wall does not hold its beauty for a very long time in this home. Fingerprints and scratches, fresh handwritten names in capital letters from the kindergartener births the recognition that a family lives within these walls.  And that is the beauty in it. Just yesterday, I came down the steps to see […]


Falling In Love With Your Spouse (all over again)


The silence was so thick, it pressed on my heart like a vice.  I would sit at the dinner table and inwardly fume at all of the imperfections I felt were looming in the man at the head of our table.  Hearing him rise and leave in the morning turned to relief for me, giving my […]


What Brings Out the Worst In Me…

Family_Photos_344 (1)

Oh, how my “moods” change like a flash of lightning!  On the inside.  I will do my best to keep the outward display of frustration or discouragement inside, and sometimes it is like a slow simmer. But, you know THOSE people, or THOSE things that can bring out the worst in you? This is where […]


7 Things Your Children Need To Hear You Say

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Often overlooked, and somewhat under-rated. Speaking simple words to their heart.  Perhaps a little uncomfortable if you have never done this. Speak to their hearts – from the depths of your own. Our children cannot read our minds.  It is time to speak up. 7 Things Your Children Need To Hear You Say:   1. […]


Motherhood Redeemed – Part 2

motherhood redeemed part 2

 The openness and heart of sharing our stories of redemption – allow the rest of us to see the true power in community and find hope in the One who holds us in His hands. Today – Part 2 of Motherhood Redeemed from Michele – Lyn at A Life Surrendered   If you missed Part […]


For All Moms – Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday

I remember when I had one child, and the days seemed to be over much too quickly.  When I was more youthful and had more energy to raise my little one and still stay up past his bed time – like an adult. I remember when I had three children.  I began reading books, and […]


Who Needs Another Mommy Blogger?

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I have been blogging for four years.  I have been a mom for 21 years.  I can remember the moment each and every one of my babies were born.  Like it was yesterday.  And I knew those moments would be the beginning of change for the rest of my life. I can also remember the […]


The Courage to Listen and Follow

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I will miss you.  I will miss writing.  I will be around, but not here. Yes, I am stepping away from writing at One September Day for a short time.   I will be checking in, and sharing my e-book with you,  ( which I would love for you to read and share.) Things will […]


Five Words Mom’s Need To Hear

country life 2

   He Has Grace For That   Grace for the weary soul Grace for the messy house Grace for the discouraged child Grace for the frustrating moments For the big and the small. For the dark and bright For the weak and the strong He has Grace. It is free. It is for your waiting […]