Tell Them What He Has Done For You (the mountains AND the valleys)

Tell Them

In 100 years, no one will remember my story.  My life lessons. The only story I would ever want to be re-told is the biggest event in history to change the world. my world.  and my children and prayerfully …their children. this gospel story.  A living and dying and living again. Giving birth to a […]


My Husband Just Can’t Get It Right


I waited.  I waited for a long time, after I was married for my husband to “get it right.” I was waiting for Him to pray daily with me.  I waited for him to rally our little family around and have daily devotions with us.  I waited for Him to lead. He was able to […]


Will Two Decades Carry Through the Centuries?


I sat on an airplane for the first time in two decades, a little less nervous about the flying, and more caught up in the conversation around me. Professionals, Singles, Parents, Grandparents, and the scope of those on the planes for the trip I was on, carried my thoughts through the miles I needed to […]


The Refiner’s Fire – Our Story

My husband and I met on a blind date – and the rest is History!Engaged after three months, and married after one year, 1989 – we were on the road to marital bliss! Or, so we thought! Young and full of an eager desire to start a family, we were excited to find out we […]