Sneak A Little Fall Into Your Weekend Meals

Molasses Cookies

  Are you resisting the move out of summer and easing your way into fall?  I can’t fight it any more. My children are asking for cookies and the kitchen is calling my name. I have been finding the delicious smell of baking is drawing my children inside when they are tired and they settle […]


Easy Pancakes Gone Wild-Big And Small Family Living Recipes

Pancakes 4

Breakfasts in this country home are infamous for completing any meal. (with bacon, of course.)  Breakfast, lunch or dinner –  we serve pancakes gone wild. We get creative and absolutely LOVE this family recipe we will share with you today.  We hope you will enjoy serving this to your crew- large or small. We jump […]


Make Your Chicken Stock (and soup for the family!)

chicken stock

Our basic recipe for homemade chicken stock. … Just to ease your thinking that this might be a grueling, all-day process – Well, It is NOT!  It is one of the healthiest, easiest meals to prepare for a family, and you will be so thankful you took the steps to trying this. In this modern-day […]


Homemade Gingerbread Snowflakes ~ Let It Snow!


For the last five years, we have made these beauties for gifts and for our own Christmas Tree decorations.  They are simple and beautiful, which are two of the best combinations!   I discovered this recipe here, and have copied it to this site for your convenience.  Martha Stewart holds all rights to the original […]


Baked Apple Goodness Beats The Blues


When I foolishly over-do, I hit the wall.  The wall we talk about here so much, that brings me to bed with fatigue, sickness and a hot mug of lemon and tea on my bed stand. The house does not have to stand still because I am.  And it never does.  When I am down? […]


Thanks and Giving


A hyphen separated the two words, written in blue white board marker. Thanks – Giving.  Two columns, I told the children.  Make two columns and copy those words onto your paper. The first column was easier for them to write out in rapid pencil strokes.  Thanks.  I watched their lips pursed and their thinking caps […]


A Fall Favorite – Chicken Barley Chili

Chicken Barley Chili

Simple ingredients, healthy, easy  and perfect for your family  -  for a cool fall evening. Try our family favorite Chicken Barley Chili: Chicken Barley Chili Combine all ingredients into a crock-pot or a 6 qt. pan to cook on low through out the day. 1 (14 oz.) Diced Tomatoes- undrained ( I use basil,/oregano flavored) […]


Pumpkin Cake Delicious

pumpkin cake

Every once in a while, a recipe flies through my kitchen and is gone before you know it.   This Pumpkin Cake recipe has been in my fall files for about 18 years, and it is about time I shared it with you.     (This is made in a large bar pan, and has […]


My Favorite Things Monday

baked oatmeal

Almost Every Monday I share a few of my favorite things with you – hoping to inspire you to try something new, and to share my love for recipes, items and traditions. Today, be sure to scroll down and print my favorite baked oatmeal recipe, that we have been making for over 15 years in […]


Dazzle Your Summer Sweet Tooth!!


  What is on your summer picnic menu this weekend?   Feel free to share a link or your favorite recipe here!