Grumble The Weekend Away (or give your heart a re-set)


Something is in the air. The Saturday chores are taking longer to finish, the children are squabbling over breakfast and my coffee has lost its normal perk. There is always housework, and preparing for Sunday’s big meal. The chores, the laundry, the entertaining, and the more time we spend working together, the more opportunities to […]


A Mission Not So Holy?


There she goes again.  Back and forth from home to church, to Bible studies, to picking up children and so the list continues to go, every day. There is no missing the calling.  It is ever before her, and her gaze is set and she is on a mission.  A Holy Mission.  And her gaze […]


When All Seems So Wrong

checkers in bed

I will not pretend. I get weary.   There is this common thread we share called Motherhood.  I use to take my cape off and hang it up, thinking that I am not a super mom, but now I am wondering where that cape has fallen to in my closet. Because, yes… Just like you […]


There Is Always (an excuse) A Reason – (Daily Devo’s With Mom)


  I use to make excuses about  God-Time with my children. I have always had little ones that keep me busy. I never have time to sit down. My husband should be initiating this – I would hold out for him. I didn’t have a clue what “this” should look like. Where do I start? […]


Give Bad Behavior A “Name,” When Your Children Argue

country life 2

There were children arguing in my home this morning.  I was brushing my hair, and I could hear the argument begin.  I knew the details, I could hear their voices change in tone and volume, and I could predict the outcome. What was going through my mind?  Did I stomp into the living room, and […]


Filled to Overflowing

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Our hearts cannot give what they are not taking in… Oh, how so true this is in living out of our daily lives. If someone were to meet you on a random day… someone that didn’t know you, or any thing about you.. What would they walk away with? Perhaps shaking their head and thinking… […]


Cast your Idols down


I am a homeschooling mom… and most of my day consists of teaching in one form or another. I will jump from school books, to Character Education, to cooking class, to Cleaning 101.. and more.  Homeschooling occupies most of my day,, even if we are not always sitting in front of a book. Most of […]


Kids sharing the Gospel…is there a right way?


Sitting in the living room this week,,, curled up on the couch with sleepy eyes, and listening ears.. as my teenagers spend there wakeful restless evening energy.. Talking and laughing and sharing with their dad and I. Almost every evening is like this.  If we miss this ritual,, we almost feel as if we have […]


Put Off – Put On

If you don’t like analogies,, you probably should skip over this post. I find a lot of analogies in my day to day life – they just seem to be right there in front of me,, and most likely, I will blog about them at some point. Today… this is what I discovered about myself..and […]


Think on These Things

I am humbled by His works. Amazed and humbled. Shamefully, I grow in my Christian life at an unpredictable pace. Not steady, not fast, and not constant.I find that I am a “Coaster.” At least for a while I was and am just now seeing the results of that.It is not that The Lord hasn’t […]