For Every Plan You Are Bent To Follow

Planting seeds

Tiny holes were spaced evenly into the dirt as we arranged our seeds by category and planning.  Every year we take the time to gather our seeds, line up our planters, and begin the planning of our harvest.  This is a family affair.  Always messy.  So very, very messy.  And never quite as fulfilling as […]


I Have Never Met Someone Like You

Raindrops on the window and the rainbow.

Today, at Allume,  where real life becomes “real light living,” I share a story that encouraged me to choose the word SEE as my word for 2014. When a cool rainy morning began with appointments and errands, I would not have known that by lunch time, I would be canceling my appointments, and driving a […]


For Every Offering We Make This Easter Weekend

Our offerings for the Resurrection weekend may be wrapped in paper and cloth. Time with family members and friends around a table prepared for the King, and laden with our finest ware. For every offering we make this Easter weekend, may it be seen through eternal and everlasting resurrection eyes. All of our sacrifices will […]


I Have Nothing To Prove


There are a defining moments in all of our lives.  Some are short, clipped moments.  Others may be days, weeks or years.  All tumbling into a stirring pot called transformation. But, if we miss the opportunity, those moments may just be left as terrible memories, bitter thoughts, or even forgotten words. I am a word […]


Easter Celebrations


Easter is right around the corner… and Our Family will Celebrate Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection. Our family would love to share all of our favorite traditions and resources to help bring the true meaning of Easter to you and your family. A Sense of the Resurrection: an Easter Experience for Families is a new and […]


There is Hope For The Yelling Mom

sarah and I weekend

As soon as the words left my mouth I could feel the sting of regret.  It was instant.  I could see the flash of pain and shock in her eyes. Our eyes locked long enough for me to see what I had done.   My voice, my tone  - they were like a dagger to […]


The Crazy Lunatic Yeller Mom

The Yelling Mom

This was the subject I have been avoiding for a long time now.  Writing here the words that lurk behind almost every FB mom status, picture, post and idealism we see. Mom’s want to know.  Am I the only one that has raised my voice to her children, lost my ability to think like an […]


Freedom ~ When Motherhood Doesn’t Need A Label

Freedom from the label

She wasn’t able to rip the annoyance out of the seam without my help.  I find the scissors mingled into the silverware drawer ( the first miracle of the day – finding an item with out an all out man-hunt), cutting along the edge of her sweater,careful to not catch the attached threads – all […]


It Is So Worth Repeating

real life 7

Capture the moments. Every single one. In heart, mind or picture. Don’t fuss over the messy, the imperfect or the frustration. The imprint the moments have on changing your heart in irreversible. Undeniable. Some say that we only share the beauty, the perfect and the edited version of motherhood. A revolution to allow the real […]


A Little Re-Introduction Might Be First On The List

allume pic

It wasn’t very long ago that my heart took a big swoop into wild obedience and following a big, bold plan that I would have probably run very far from if I knew that it would involved such … sacrifice? I am was that very person that counts the cost of every decision, weighing carefully […]