Can’t Means Won’t (raising children who will be brave and never give up)

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My builder is a quiet observer in this home.  In life. We do life together in almost every way and I have learned one important life lesson from this man. Quiet has a commanding truth to it.  A calm and a nature that our family has grown to … [Continue reading]

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone (a little confessional from the whispers of motherhood)


Back in the days when women didn't talk to one another about motherhood.  It was just understood that every woman was a valiant mother, never in need of a brave word or a voracious hug.  Words and blogs, small groups and meals to doorsteps were few … [Continue reading]

How We Love Is How We Live


I have watched my children love in large ways that I didn't even know were possible. Having children will open your eyes  to a new way of living and loving. This love will unfold hard places in your heart you might had sewn shut. I have watched my … [Continue reading]

Grumble The Weekend Away (or give your heart a re-set)


Something is in the air. The Saturday chores are taking longer to finish, the children are squabbling over breakfast and my coffee has lost its normal perk. There is always housework, and preparing for Sunday's big meal. The chores, the laundry, … [Continue reading]

How Does A Mother Know When To Be Silent?


Early morning hours in our home are the most quiet and raw spaces that I have in a day. So many emotions pulling me out of bed and so many moments to face as the sun peeks through the winter closed shades and the many feet shuffling through the house … [Continue reading]

When You Want To Give Rudeness A Swift Kick In The Pants


I don't like to parent backwards.  Using others behavior as examples for what not to do or how not to act. We have enough daily examples in our home that point us to right and wrong. We have Jesus and that beats any parenting book, method or … [Continue reading]

The Positive Pattern of Practice

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It's a new day in the New Year and the skin of it feels the same.  We just want to feel new, be brave or try new things.  Like putting on new skin that feels fresh and amazing and brave. To wake up, feel a new pattern and let the rhythm of the new … [Continue reading]

A Mother’s Memo: How To String Pearls And Untie Knots


There were twenty little boxes for her to choose from.  Each one that she chose to press, would play a small selection of the Christmas album advertised.  We pass this kiosk every time we are in the seasonal section.  And each time, she pushes the … [Continue reading]

You’re Going To Miss The Good Stuff Trying To Avoid The Hard

The child you can read from the moment they open their eyes in the morning? It's either a good day or a potentially bad day.  You know it right from the get-go. I get it.  All the way. The builder has learned to read me and I have … [Continue reading]

Keeping Your Home In Sync With Your Life (simply put: a chore system for your family)


My home will never be spotless.  I honest to goodness gave up on caring about shiny railings, spotless windows and neatly folded towels in my home while raising a house full of children. We clean and we scrub and we apply elbow grease, … [Continue reading]