31 Days Of Fall Fun

Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I purpose to enjoy every opportunity that I can.  Here are some ideas that you can try in 31 days, to make every day full of fall fun! 1. Create a thankful tree for your home.  Your family will love … [Continue reading]

How To Stay Forever Young (when another year means another celebration)

IMG_7767new copy (1)

I remember when I was a young girl, I would lay in bed at night thinking about my future.  I was such a serious kind of girl. I had it all planned out.  College and career until 25.  Marriage and maybe children after that. City life, corporate … [Continue reading]

Falling In Love With Your Spouse (all over again)


The silence was so thick, it pressed on my heart like a vice.  I would sit at the dinner table and inwardly fume at all of the imperfections I felt were looming in the man at the head of our table.  Hearing him rise and leave in the morning turned to … [Continue reading]

A Meeting At The Well (the faces of motherhood)


The back of my throat was scratchy and calling the cool water I held in my hands. I had forgotten it was there, it had been in my grip for so long, waiting for a break in the gathering of these precious women. This was the third time I had delivered … [Continue reading]

The Best Quiche Ever (a warm slice of fall for your family)


Our kitchen is full of life as soon as the tide of the seasons moves in and we are serving up our favorite fall foods.  Today, we share one of our favorite recipe's for gatherings and for our family meals.  There are many variations per taste to this … [Continue reading]

Please Talk To Your Daughter About Her Body


I recently read an article in The Huffington Post regarding how to talk to your daughter about her body, and it said not to. It said, Don't talk to your daughter about her body, except to teach her how it works. Don't say anything if she's … [Continue reading]

The Makings Of A Beautiful Monday (Will This Plan Come Together In The End?)


My favorite places to be on this earth are with my family and in the sun. The miracles I witnessed this weekend were exactly what I needed to remind me that all of our mess, our work and our efforts come together to make something … [Continue reading]

Serve Up Some American Pie (our favorite recipe’s for you)

Apple Pie

    Cutting strips of dough for a lattice top!   Their FIRST finished pie - alone from start to finish! The two bakers! … [Continue reading]

Stepping Away From The Week (and learning to sway into the goodness)

IMG_4219 copy

I am so ridiculously a routine girl, that when I step into the weekends and need to reset my mind and heart out of school mode and into chores, cooking and entertaining, well... it is work for me. Not physically exhausting work.  But, putting on a … [Continue reading]

I Wish That I Could Protect You From… (Life)


Dear Child of Mine It is hard to tell you this.  I do not really have all of the answers you may seek as you grow up. I want you to remember that I wish I could protect you from the cares of this world. But, that wouldn't be the best thing I … [Continue reading]