Please Pay Attention To Me (The Plea)

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There she was.  Just like every morning, I could feel her head resting next to my hand, waiting for me to softly and slowly rub her head until she felt fully awake. Her eyes glow green in the early morning hours, and my little pre-frenzy gift from … [Continue reading]

For All Of The Firsts We Will Live This Week (and in our hearts forever)

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Bending low to weave her top button through her knit sweater and brushing the wisps of honey hair from her forehead brought me into a fast break to reality. This is her first year of Kindergarten.  And the freckles that spot her cheekbones, … [Continue reading]

Learning How To Walk Again

Feeling stuck 3

I was stuck.  The movements had been erased from my memory and my heels were planted so deeply into the mud, that I couldn't budge.  Even if I wanted to. And I didn't.  That's the problem.  I didn't want to talk, walk or listen. Any more.  I was … [Continue reading]

The Unspoken-It’s In The Little Things (repost)

Bundle Shelf Motherhood

My legs were so stiff from trying my new exercise video,, but I knew that this walk at the park in the morning hours would help stretch the muscles that seemed so tightly bound.  Three laps I promised myself.  As my usual self - my pace was fast and … [Continue reading]

Your Calling Is To Be Present In Your Story

We were seated in the middle of a couple hundred folding chairs, under high ceilings built together with wooden beams, with windows opened around the perimeter to let the summer breeze bring any refreshment it could afford. My friends were on the … [Continue reading]

Easy Pancakes Gone Wild-Big And Small Family Living Recipes

Pancakes 4

Breakfasts in this country home are infamous for completing any meal. (with bacon, of course.)  Breakfast, lunch or dinner -  we serve pancakes gone wild. We get creative and absolutely LOVE this family recipe we will share with you today.  We … [Continue reading]

How To Hold Onto Your Love When The World Isn’t Slowing Down

Declare Photo of Dan and I

He flips a coin.  Heads, I hold your hand. Tails, I don't. Twenty-six years ago, we walked the steep hill in my parents backyard in a courtship of new love. Every year that brushes past us tries to pull us apart with schedules, work, children and … [Continue reading]

Five (Simple) Tips For The Stressed Out Mama

Audrey chalk

Some call me a mommy blogger.  Some call me crazy.  I would rather be called September, mama to ten, and totally not stressing over the little things in life. Well, and then I blog about it.  For you.  Because I want you to know that life gets … [Continue reading]

A Remedy For A Ruined Day


The dishes were left on the counter last night.  The washing machine was full of wet clothes from yesterday morning, and as soon as I stepped my feet onto the wooden floors in the entryway, I could hear bickering.  Someone was upset they didn't get … [Continue reading]

Where We Can All Learn A Little Bit About Stewardship

audrey devos

Early morning times with my children are my very favorite moments as a mom.  I often learn more about each of them, and what they are learning about Jesus.  I can see it in their eyes, hear it in their questions, and when they beg for me to not stop … [Continue reading]