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Teaching Your Children To See God In Their Every Day

Today was our first morning of a new summer schedule and I could feel the tension of irregularity and a lack of consistency in the air almost immedietely. I stepped off the back deck early this morning, dragging a…


To The Woman Who Gossips (and doesn’t see the harm)

I’ve seen women become their words. The secret words that they share, feeling empowered in their emotions or their resolute decisions.  If someone is on their side or will listen to them, then their decision feels so right. When…


The Crazy Lunatic Yeller Mom

This was the subject I have been avoiding for a long time now.  Writing here the words that lurk behind almost every FB mom status, picture, post and idealism we see. Mom’s want to know.  Am I the only…

easter girl

DIY Tutorial For Your Own Resurrection Eggs

We have been reading the Easter Story to our children from the time our oldest was a baby. Did you know you can make your own resurrection eggs and use them to help tell the story? Make Your Own…

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50 Ways To Celebrate Your Children

Being a parent is a rigorous balance of time, energy, and love. Whether you have one, two, or even…ten children to celebrate life with, we are all parenting with everything we have and sometimes feel as if we need…