Dear Parent Of A Bully


As a mom of four, one of whom happens to be on the autism spectrum, I am all too familiar with bullying and the damage caused by bullying.  Bullying comes in many disguises.  And, bullying comes from many people- peers and adults. This is what I … [Continue reading]

Keeping Your Home In Sync With Your Life (simply put: a chore system for your family)


My home will never be spotless.  I honest to goodness gave up on caring about shiny railings, spotless windows and neatly folded towels in my home while raising a house full of children. We clean and we scrub and we apply elbow grease, … [Continue reading]

When Fear Keeps You From The Good Stuff

Ice skating

Ice Skating terrified me.  Right to the brink of never skating again. Falling through the ice as a young child, away from the deep end of a dock on a very dark, frozen lake was my last time ice skating. And I was fine with that.   There is … [Continue reading]

My Family Is Ginormous (or so I’ve been told)


I hung sixteen stockings this year.  All matching, because I discovered that it was time to replace and re-decorate most of them, and.. we have had a few new blessed additions. I was excited to find a great sale and get "stocked up." It's funny … [Continue reading]

Motherhood Isn’t About Choosing When You Will Be There (or not)

IMG_0876 (1)

If the floor wasn't a constant lego battle zone and the room was big enough for us to have regular chats, then I might have taken more time to step into his world. He use to invite me in on occasion. To see his creations and to show me the solar … [Continue reading]

A Mother’s Memo: How To String Pearls And Untie Knots


There were twenty little boxes for her to choose from.  Each one that she chose to press, would play a small selection of the Christmas album advertised.  We pass this kiosk every time we are in the seasonal section.  And each time, she pushes the … [Continue reading]

Find Your Joy Friday (a weekend of refreshing your spirit)


The rare moments when my builder is home in the morning after the sun comes up and can afford a little time to hold me and tell me that it is going to be a good day.  No matter what. Those days are some of my favorites. Although the bitter cold … [Continue reading]

Rescued: Raising Teens In A Drowning Culture


I've heard it spoken. We hurt more than our children do as we watch them grow. My heart can tell you this is true. And in this house, the whole family is stretched when a teen is working through a problem, a trial or a moment of stretching … [Continue reading]

A Monday Prayer: Keeping It Together When You Feel Like You Have Already Lost It

Morning with audrey

The press of a little thumb on my forehead and a pulling, tugging on my blanket as the morning sun just peeks through my blinds is my morning wake up call. She carries her blankie to my bedside and covers me sweetly. She is thirsty, and wants to … [Continue reading]

Giving In Or Getting To The Problem (Raising Kids That Hear You)

ava face

"Do you hear me? I am tired of saying the same thing over and over." "We have been through this before and you are still not getting it.  What do I need to do for you to hear what I am saying?" Children do not hear you when you are yelling. … [Continue reading]