Dear Stay At Home Mom: You Are Not Forgotten

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I champion the working mom.  I champion the single mom.  I honestly don't think I would do well at either. God truly gives us the strength where and when we need it.  I have seen this in the mama's I come into contact with every day. Sometimes, … [Continue reading]

Rescued: Raising Teens In A Drowning Culture


I've heard it spoken. We hurt more than our children do as we watch them grow. My heart can tell you this is true. And in this house, the whole family is stretched when a teen is working through a problem, a trial or a moment of stretching … [Continue reading]

A Monday Prayer: Keeping It Together When You Feel Like You Have Already Lost It

Morning with audrey

The press of a little thumb on my forehead and a pulling, tugging on my blanket as the morning sun just peeks through my blinds is my morning wake up call. She carries her blankie to my bedside and covers me sweetly. She is thirsty, and wants to … [Continue reading]

Giving In Or Getting To The Problem (Raising Kids That Hear You)

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"Do you hear me? I am tired of saying the same thing over and over." "We have been through this before and you are still not getting it.  What do I need to do for you to hear what I am saying?" Children do not hear you when you are yelling. … [Continue reading]

For The Mom Who Feels She Is Falling Short At Every Turn

"I am headlong into teaching Latin, Arithmetic and ignoring my cellulite." Just this morning I had a crazy, silly texting message going on with one of my friends about our waistlines and the bodies we are learning or trying to learn to accept as … [Continue reading]

So, You Have a Dysfunctional Family: What About Thanksgiving?


There is nothing more truth telling to the struggles and inner workings of a family, then living in an ICU unit together for three weeks.  And if this isn't enough, try going through rehab with a member of your family, watching the layers of stress … [Continue reading]

You Are Not The Only Mother Who Fears The Future

Audrey birth

Our children are here and then they are gone. It is not the emptiness I fear when I think about my children leaving home. I do not fear that I may not see them very often, or that they may remember to poke their head into my life and whisper a … [Continue reading]

The Secret To A Fabulous Thanksgiving


If you were busy being kind, Before you knew it, you would find You'd soon forget to think 'twas true That someone was unkind to you. If you were busy being glad, And cheering people who are sad, Although your heart might ache a bit, You'd … [Continue reading]

When Friday Is Like Coming Home (and all things are made new)


I wasn't going to write about my brother here.  I feel his life is in a sacred place of healing and I stand true to never using my blog for gain from another life. And then yesterday happened. I turned the corner in this grieving and growing … [Continue reading]

Cultivating The Heart Of Hospitality In Your Children


So very often I sit across from the sweet faces in this home and sip tea.  We gather around cookies, tea cups and saucers and I tell them stories of my own as they learn to hold their tea cup gracefully, carry on a delightful conversation, and use … [Continue reading]