When The Weekend Brings Your Worst Fears And The Best News (how to hold on to hope)

Ryan-prayer-copy (1)

The call came in twice. By the time Friday evening arrives, I am ready for my phone to be silenced and all social media to stay hushed under the closed lid of my lap top. Answering the second call changed all of the elaborate notions I had for … [Continue reading]

A Common Core To Any Education (misconceptions about teaching your children)


Everyone needs to homeschool their children.  False. All children are able to learn the same way.  False. All students should be expected to test out at their grade level according to their age.  False. You will agree with everything written … [Continue reading]

10 Ways To Identify A Guilt Driven Home


Are we raising children who are living to please their parents? Children who do not know the WHY for their actions, but rather WHO they need to please? Have you wondered if you are giving your children the reasons for their obedience and good … [Continue reading]

The Real Wars Of This World (and what you really need to fear)


With a deliberate steady push to the radio dial, I turned the noon report off. We keep current.  We allow our children to know of the world affairs and the local news.  But, with one gentle silence to the news anchor's voice, I bring the whole … [Continue reading]

Pumpkin Cake Delicious

pumpkin cake

  While your cake is baking, be sure to print off this 31 Days of Fall Fun here!     What has been on your fall flavor list this year?  Share a link or name a few of your favorite recipes with me?   ( and for those … [Continue reading]

The Turning Tide Of Forgiveness (a welcome and invitation)


Today, I introduce to you a new place of rest and inspiration for all women. A safe place where healing words meet kindred souls. A new on-line haven where women are growing in faith and friendship.  Where broken, hurting women can find a heart of … [Continue reading]

Give Your Child Every Thing They Want (and the world will lose the gift of gratitude)


Straight up from the toaster and onto the delicate plate.  Two slices of bread, buttered to the edges and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  An even dusting across the top and then neatly stacked to line up the edges.  This is where we would get … [Continue reading]

Because You’re The Mom Who Just Needs A Little Space (Monday at its finest)


We are like velcro.  We were born with it as young girls, and we become more sticky as we grow.  And as we move into motherhood, the velcro grows into our skin and we become a part of it. Sometimes not even realizing that we are attached at the … [Continue reading]

A Fall Favorite – Chicken Barley Chili

Chicken Barley Chili

Simple ingredients, healthy, easy  and perfect for your family  -  for a cool fall evening. Try our family favorite Chicken Barley Chili: … [Continue reading]

Comfort Food At Its Finest ( Baked Oatmeal For Any Time of the Day)


It is so yummy,,,, and it was so much fun sharing with you. I just popped some on the oven! … [Continue reading]