It Is Really Not About Doing Too Much, But Rather WHAT I Do

Hospital 2

I was not brave that day.  Actually, I was being brave, but I surely did not "feel" it.   Going through the motions is more like it. I suppose you have been in a situation like this before?  Where you know what you have to do, but your heart and … [Continue reading]

When Spring Gives Life To The Make-Over Madness


Every morning I open the front door and step out onto the porch to feel what God has for me in the day.  I stand long enough to know one thing ~ Can we open the windows and crank open the Wedgwood blue door to let the sun and the wind blow the air … [Continue reading]

Make Your Chicken Stock (and soup for the family!)

chicken stock

Our basic recipe for homemade chicken stock. ... Just to ease your thinking that this might be a grueling, all-day process - Well, It is NOT!  It is one of the healthiest, easiest meals to prepare for a family, and you will be so thankful you took … [Continue reading]

The Face Of Brave That Women Wear


Brave is for heros. Songs for the courageous and the bold.  Brave for the fight and facing the fight.  When the battlefield is bleak and the wounded are many, we still hear about the brave. The moment the picture streamed across my phone screen, … [Continue reading]

The Panic Call That Makes Us More Deliberate

Driving to the lab this morning for early morning tests, drew my mind into a narrow valley of shadows.  I must not lean in there.  I will not go there.  He can deliver me from this too. Too.  Another valley that seems to be a long road of waiting. … [Continue reading]

This Is How I Will Celebrate Mother’s Day. You Can Too.

Compassion Post

This Sunday, May 4th is Compassion Sunday. Christians across the country are speaking up for children who are living in horrible, dangerous, and tragic circumstances. Perhaps you already sponsor a child. Or maybe you have always wanted to, but just … [Continue reading]

When Saying Yes To Your Faith May Not Feel “So Safe”


I said Yes to motherhood. It wasn't what I expected, birthing 16 children and keeping ten, but God heard my yes, and He had a plan. It hasn't been an easy road.  But the yes led me to learning to embrace God's plan, and not mine. I said to … [Continue reading]

Catching Them On The Way Out The Door


The very famous words from the book, Love You Forever, author Robert Munsch, has been memorized by audiences all over the world.  Young parents, the elderly, teens remember this from their earlier years, and little children know this by … [Continue reading]

For Every Plan You Are Bent To Follow

Planting seeds

Tiny holes were spaced evenly into the dirt as we arranged our seeds by category and planning.  Every year we take the time to gather our seeds, line up our planters, and begin the planning of our harvest.  This is a family affair.  Always messy.  So … [Continue reading]

I Have Never Met Someone Like You

Raindrops on the window and the rainbow.

Today, at Allume,  where real life becomes "real light living," I share a story that encouraged me to choose the word SEE as my word for 2014. When a cool rainy morning began with appointments and errands, I would not have known that by lunch time, … [Continue reading]