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Reminding Your Adult Self To Think With A Teenage Heart

Hello teen years.  Again. I had forgotten so much about you.  I thought when I was finally fitting in a whole six hours of rest after 20 plus years of sleeplessness that I would feel permission to close my…

Girls park

In The Side-lines- You Will Be Heard

  Do you hear that? It is a humming and drumming of voices and noises– and they tend to blend together.. where you can barely hear the voice behind it any more. This is my life – Chattering Children,…

My first vlog and possibly my last .. gah!

Okay.. Just to preface… This is my first Vlog.. and possible my last… I look like a dork, talk like a dork, and honestly… feel like a dork for posting this... But… it was for a sweet friend of…